chanel métiers d'art 2016 paris-rome

What a night! Our fabulous evening kicked off with a cocktail party on the film sets of Roma Antica (spanning 4600 square meters), and was decorated with the original props of the TV show Rome.

There, Karl’s new film, Once and Forever, was projected onto a giant screen in the Piscina. Now, dear readers, this area has been used for several movies you may have heard of: Ben-Hur, Gangs of New York, The Life Aquatic, Everest and is still used in films today. An 800-seat bleacher was constructed out of aged wood and metal for the audience and it also boasted a gigantic 1,240 metre x 1,120 metre screen — talk about larger than life!

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After the screening we proceeded into the Teatro No 5, which comes with a back story: Apparently, this studio was built in 1937 and was the studio used by Federico Fellini for his films. Bellisima!

And the décor of show did not disappoint either — black and white, reminiscent of those by Alexandre Trauner, the famous production designer favoured by Marcel Carné. It was a representation of Paris in Rome in a black and white film. A romantic vision of Paris in the old days, a neighbourhood full of life with small shops: a florist, wine merchant, grocer, bakery, tobacco shop, cheese shop, delicatessen, oyster bar, restaurants and cafés, trattoria… All with a vaguely dystopian Les Misérables air to it.

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Let’s not forget about the clothes either!  Tones of a late Roman autumn with all the fetish colours of Chanel blew throughout the collection: black, beige, cream, grey and navy blue filtered through with a delicious palette of brown, ochre, oranges and cappuccino.

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chanel métiers d'art 2016 paris-rome

chanel métiers d'art 2016 paris-rome

Paying homage to the cinematic roots of the venue, a new braid was invented, the “galon pellicule” (film braid), to adorn the jackets and tailored pieces. Details were exquisite as usual with feathers painted with motifs recalling Roman marble, and intricate Farfalle embroideries.

chanel métiers d'art 2016 paris-rome

chanel métiers d'art 2016 paris-rome

At the end of the runway show, the boutiques, shops, restaurants and cafés all came alive as the party began. Guests become the protagonists of a black and white film, mingling and laughing and experienced all the wonders of Teatro No 5. It was the perfect ending to a theatrical Roman film!

chanel métiers d'art 2016 paris-rome

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