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And just like that, the Sex And The City spin-off is over. Ten episodes went by in a flash and sparked major discourse among fans of this beloved ’90s rom-com series. Although many viewers are not pleased with the lacklustre storyline and character arcs, one thing is certain – we’re still in love with Carrie’s style.

In fact, according to the data analysts of the fashion e-commerce platform Love The Sales, And Just Like That… caused a spike in fashion searches after the episodes are aired. Most recently, the orange Valentino dress worn by Carrie in the finale received more than 1,000 percent more searches than the day before the episode.

The costume department for the series has done such an exceptional job in pushing many of us to be on the prowl for Carrie’s ensembles but unfortunately, some of the items are either vintage or custom made. But fret not, we got you covered. Here is a list of clothing and accessories that emulate Carrie’s best looks from each episode.

Episode One

Seeing Double

Carrie never shies away from serving flair in her outfits – the beige flared jumpsuit loosened up the structured floral jacket and the rattan fascinator.

A Nod To The Past

Photo: HBO Max

The first Sex And The City film was filled with marriage drama between Big and Carrie but it also gave us that off-white vintage wedding dress paired with the iconic sapphire Manolo Blahnik pumps. Hence, it was nice to see a modernised version of it in the first episode.

Episode Two

A Simple Number

The Ultimate Carrie Shopping Guide – The Morning After
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Avoiding spoilers, no crisis will ever stop Carrie from putting in an effort into what she wears when leaving her apartment.

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The Little Black Dress

Likewise, this look was elegant, chic and highly appropriate for more than one occasion.

Episode Three

A Dream In Pink

Can we take some time to admire how gorgeous this pink dress is, especially with the juxtaposition of the black and gold-studded belt? The best part? The emerald clutch adds a pop of contrast to tie the look perfectly.

Print On Print

The Ultimate Carrie Shopping Guide – Boho chic
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We all know how hard it is to match different prints, but Carrie is clearly a master and The Hacker Project Hourglass bag by Gucci and Balenciaga tells us that she still has her finger on the pulse of fashion.

Episode Four

Blind ‘Em With Colour

Why stick with one or two colours when you can wear them all? This look is a vintage Norma Kamali dress and blazer that can no longer be found online. Might we suggest a slight variation with a multicoloured-printed dress and a rainbow check shirt to achieve a similar vibe?

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Ombré Winner

The Ultimate Carrie Shopping Guide – Ombre Sun Dress
Photo: Getty

No, Carrie did not leave for the Hamptons. She just felt like wearing this billow sleeve ombré sundress moment and we thank her for it. The headscarf and straw hat combo is also inspiring. Unfortunately, this 80s dress is vintage and can’t be purchased anymore. No fret, we found an alternative.

Episode Five

Layers Of Vintage

When we say vintage, we mean vintage. The bottom layer of the dress fell apart while Sarah Jessica Parker was putting it on. Regardless, it is stunning and the opal choker matches the cropped lace jacket to a tee.

Glitter All The Way

This is quintessential Carrie Bradshaw. The Carrie in the ’90s loved nothing more than glitter, a body-hugging dress and a stiletto with wow-factor. We want more.

Episode Six

A Casual Ensemble

She loves an oversized hat, doesn’t she? Don’t clock her for wearing flats, this is purely her rendition of a simple look for lounging at home.

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Go “Big” Or Go Home

The Ultimate Carrie Shopping Guide – Maroon Suit
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Perhaps, Carrie poked around Big’s closet for inspiration when she donned this maroon pinstripe suit. If that is the case, all we have to say is that he, too, had great taste.

Episode Seven

Business Chic But Make It Fun

This is one of those looks that confuse the eyes at first glance but it grows on you over time. Only Carrie can take a suit and make it pop.

Nothing Like A Ruched Dress

The Ultimate Carrie Shopping Guide – Sky Blue
Photo: Getty

A cocktail dress does not have to be loud or flashy, this powder blue ruched number says it all. Throw on a printed blazer and a clutch, you’re good to go.

Episode Eight

Incognito Mode

This may seem like a joke outfit but this screams “main character” vibes and only the bold will even consider stepping out the door dressed like this.

A Denim Jacket We Never Knew We Needed

Yet again, the costume department surpassed expectations. The structured denim jacket added an All-American twist to the jacquard floral dress, and the Christian Lacroix boots made this a “New York” look.

Episode Nine

Ruffles And Lace

The Ultimate Carrie Shopping Guide – Ruffles and Lace
Photo: Getty

Carrie knows how to dress for a theme and in this case, it’s a “farewell” look that softens the blow and leaves you with something memorable to remember her dearly such as the bright pink ruffle purse in her hand.

Paint The Town Pink

The Ultimate Carrie Shopping Guide – Paint the Town Pink
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Carrie in the 2020s seems to be smitten by pink and jumpsuits but when she looks this good, how could anyone complain? At least her accessorising game remains top-notch with the diamante scarf choker and the tiger stripe printed purse.

Episode Ten

Florals Are Everything

The Ultimate Carrie Shopping Guide – Dream Sequence
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How can a tea-length floral dress go wrong? Absolutely nothing. This Oscar de la Renta dress custom-made for Sarah Jessica Parker added some much-needed dimension without overwhelming her. The attention to detail is also impeccable – the lace jacket matches the design of the heels.


And just like that, we are on the last look – the orange gown that blew up the fashion searches on Google. The 2019 Valentino Haute Couture gown is out of reach but this midi dress might be a much better option for our tropical weather. Along with a pair of pink gloves that complements the tangerine ensemble, this is how a fashion-centric television series should wrap. The piéce de resistance.