12 Dresses With Pockets That Channel Your Inner Meghan Markle

Royal watchers have been keenly following Meghan's style as she adapts her wardrobe to her new life as a member of the royal family. Alongside wearing plenty of neutral colours, clutch bags and closed-toe shoes, she's also proven herself to be a particular fan of dresses with pockets. Making fashion more functional, some point to this being a feminist statement - men get the luxury of pockets in their clothes, why not women? But pockets aren't necessarily always for storage purposes (which depends very much on the silhouette of the dress, no one wants strangely bulky hips). They also provide a handy place to put your hands should you feel slightly nervous or awkward, and can also be used as a styling technique: a simple hand placed in the pocket can look incredibly chic - something the new Duchess of Sussex is no doubt aware of.