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While spring is coming up, and summer is right on its heel for our friends on the other side of the globe, it is and will always be swimwear season for us on our sunny island—lucky us! Whether you’re planning for a tropical getaway, or just a relaxing weekend by the pool or beach, here are the best swimwear for different body types. Whatever it is, and no matter which swimwear you choose, remember: confidence is key.


The classic one-piece swimwear has been making a comeback the past couple the years, and it’s been better than ever. The one-piece is one that will definitely flatter any body shape. For a “hourglass” illusion, draw attention to the central detail of the swimsuit with a deep V-neck cut, or opt for one with a belted silhouette for the emphasis to the smallest part of the waist. Don’t be afraid to go for bold prints and colours as well!

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With the width of your hips proportional to your shoulders, your goal would be to create a illusion of more defined curves. Cut-outs on the waist areas of one-piece numbers, or bikinis with the same effect are your best bet. A little peek-a-boo on your waist will create an emphasized waistline. Our favourite is Amir Slama’s textured scarlet number—as flattering as it is sensuous.


Like the timing device, one with a hourglass figure has equal hip and bust size, accompanied by a narrower waistline. Show off that waistline with a bikini while making sure that your bust has ample support. Experiment and have fun with high-waisted bottoms for that ’70s look!

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Also often referred to as the “pear-shape” body, you’ve got narrower shoulder width as compared to your hips. Play up on a dramatic, voluminous top (be it in a two-piece or one-piece swimwear) to balance out the proportion. Have fun with ruffles, layers, off-shoulder tops, while keeping the bottoms clean and streamlined. Johanna Ortiz’s high-waisted bikini paired with its extremely dramatic ruffled top is definitely going into our shopping cart.

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