Whether you’re planning something special or you’ve got a magical night you need to get decked up for, there’s a luxury mall you shouldn’t skip right at the upper end of Orchard Road.

Located at 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard is home to a plethora of stores and services, readily available to treat you to bespoke experiences you deserve, from facials to achieve a smaller face, a made-for-you dash of sparkle from the jeweller’s or even a lacy little something from a luxurious lingerie boutique.

For more information, check out www.delfiorchard.com.sg.

Benny’s Gems Creations #01-10/11

10 Hidden Finds In Delfi Orchard For Your Special Occasions
Photo: Benny’s Gems Creations

Fall in love with wearable works of art by Benny’s Gems Creations. Create bespoke jewellery you’ve always dreamt of with unique gemstones, making them exclusively yours for a special occasion and beyond. Choose from a classic setting, or work with experts to fashion a head-turning style. You can even change up a heirloom piece to make it more contemporary.

COMO Shambhala Urban Escape #06-01/02

10 Hidden Finds In Delfi Orchard For Your Special Occasions
Photo: COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

A sanctuary like no other, COMO Shambhala Urban Escape is a wellness centre for holistic health, offering a comprehensive range of experiences from private and group yoga and pilates classes, to mindfulness practice and wellness treatments for every individual.

Begin the new year with the Private Yoga Therapy Program, a series of three 60-minute sessions that focus on empowering you on your personal journey to improve physical, mental and spiritual health.

PROMO: Enrol in COMO Shambhala’s Private Yoga Therapy Program from now till end of February 2021 to receive a complimentary healthy set meal at glow, SuperNature after each session. Terms and conditions apply.

Facia Ginza #04-20

10 Hidden Finds In Delfi Orchard For Your Special Occasions
Photo: Facia Ginza

Achieving the slender, petite V-shaped face you’ve always desired couldn’t be easier at Facia Ginza. Founded in Tokyo, this Japanese beauty salon has developed a technique with a team of osteopathic doctors based on bones and beauty theories.

Their Signature Small Face Care treatment involves the intricate process of stimulating the bones through muscle to promote blood circulation and discharge of waste substance from skin.

The best part is you can actually see visible results after just one session, including improved facial symmetry, reduced sagging and more.

PROMO: First-time customers can enjoy a trial rate of $188 nett (U.P.: $286.76). Choose one of these three options: Signature Small Face Care + Moisturizing Care, Signature Small Face Care + Whitening Care, or Signature Small Face Care + Pore Cleansing Care.

J-Rophe Skincare #03-03

10 Hidden Finds In Delfi Orchard For Your Special Occasions
Photo: J-Rophe Skincare

While you can’t exactly hop on a plane right now to head to the skincare mecca that is Korea, you can make an appointment at J-Rophe Skincare, part of a chain from Gangnam frequented by Korean celebrities and models.

Bid farewell to a bloated, tired face with their signature treatment that lifts, whitens and brightens; coupled with a lymphatic drainage facial massage to relax facial muscles and reduce puffiness. You’re ready for your close-up now!

PROMO: First-time customers can enjoy 50% off the signature programme CRYO21&IONZYME&ROPHE at $150 (U.P.: $300).

Rocky Master #01-02/03

10 Hidden Finds In Delfi Orchard For Your Special Occasions
Photo: Rocky Master

After whizzing around and indulging in shopping adventures in Delfi Orchard, enjoy a spot of lunch or a coffee break at Rocky Master. The cafe serves up sumptuous meals no matter what you have a hankering for, from Asian favourites to pastas and burgers. A must-try is the Laksa Supreme (shown above), a bowl of rich, flavourful laksa with all the fixin’s.

PROMO: From February 12 – 26, 2021, top up $88 in Rocky Master’s e-wallet and enjoy $18 of extra credits! Terms and conditions apply.

Star Optical #02-03

10 Hidden Finds In Delfi Orchard For Your Special Occasions
Photo: Star Optical

You don’t want anything less than crystal clear vision during celebrations, and Star Optical’s team of primary eye care practitioners will go above and beyond for your and your loved ones’ vision needs.

Upgrade to contacts, choose snazzier frames or even get your eye examination done swiftly at Star Optical.

PROMO: Enjoy 30% discount for all frames; check out the store for specials on daily, biweekly and monthly disposable lenses and colour contact lenses.

The Canary Diamond #01-12/13/14

Photo: The Canary Diamond

Dreaming of bling? Make your way to The Canary Diamond — the store has one of the largest collections of Ideal cut GIA certified diamonds in Singapore. Whether you’re looking to purchase precious gemstones, pick an exquisite diamond ring for your engagement, or simply celebrate everything in between that life has to offer, The Canary Diamond will make sure it’s memorable for you.

The Lash Chapter #03-20

10 Hidden Finds In Delfi Orchard For Your Special Occasions
Photo: The Lash Chapter

Take the stress out of the equation for your special occasion by making sure you’ve got your lashes, brows and everything else sorted at The Lash Chapter. The salon offers a myriad of services from microblading to lash extensions and lifts and even hair tinsels. No matter what you’re celebrating, The Lash Chapter has your back.

The Lingerie Shop #02-20

10 Hidden Finds In Delfi Orchard For Your Special Occasions
Photo: The Lingerie Shop

It’s never a complete celebratory outfit without pretty underthings that make you feel confident and beautiful. From the perfect-fitting bra to go under a strapless cocktail number, to intimates you can wear under a red carpet-worthy outfit or even dreamy co-ords to lounge in at home, The Lingerie Shop has it all.

The ShoeCo #02-21

10 Hidden Finds In Delfi Orchard For Your Special Occasions
Photo: The ShoeCo

Exceptional comfort meets function and style at The ShoeCo, an atelier that offers a wide selection of shoes including dress shoes, smart-casual ones and even therapeutic footwear by reputable shoemakers.

With iconic, top-notch brands like Mephisto, Arche, BeautiFeel and Solidus at The ShoeCo, your feet are in safe hands. Be sure to try these ultra-comfy heels Antonia by Ziera (shown above) — also available in black for added versatility.

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