Pasar Glamour and HuntStreet's founders.

Shopping for a charitable cause is always a great idea, and you can do exactly that this December with Pasar Glamour’s annual fundraiser!

Collectively founded in 2017 by a trio of Singaporean thespians — Pam Oei, Janice Koh, and Petrina Kow — Pasar Glamour is a charitable community that supports causes for the less privilege through fundraisers involving the arts.

Having had a successful turnout for their efforts to support struggling performing artists last year — they raised nearly $150,000 through a hybrid online sale event — this year’s fundraiser will be organised with leading luxury resale marketplace HuntStreet.

Of this collaboration, HuntStreet‘s Chief Operating Officer Tresor Anne Tan says, “The introduction to Pasar Glamour was almost kismet. From the first meeting, we realised very quickly both Pasar Glamour and HuntStreet share very similar values and beliefs in how we can all play a part and use our resources to help those badly affected by Covid-19.”

The Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) celebrating Indonesian domestic worker Parti Liyani’s acquittal of charges.

For 2021, all proceeds from Pasar Glamour and HuntStreet’s fundraiser — taking place from December 4 to 5 — will go directly to charitable organisations helping vulnerable women, youths, and migrant workers, namely Limitless, HOME, and AWARE.

Elaborating on their choice of beneficiaries, co-founder of Pasar Glamour Petrina Kow says, “We are focusing our efforts on the people who are suffering in silence. The mental health situation with our youth is desperate. Our migrant workers are under immense stress from being in lockdown for 18 months now. Sexual violence is on the rise because more people are staying home.”

To find out more, visit Pasar Glamour and HuntStreet here.