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Being the shopping paradise that it is, it is no surprise that people in Singapore love shopping. With Christmas just around the corner, there’s even more reason to hit the stores now. Yes, it may only be November, but you might as well beat the crowd and pick up those gifts for your loved ones ahead of time without stressing out at the last minute.

Looking for the latest skincare for your sister or pretty jewellery for your mum? Or perhaps new pillows and candles to spruce up your home décor or fresh attire for the New Year? Whether it is for your family and friends (or just something to pamper yourself!), these homegrown brands have got something for everyone.

Revel in the festive spirit and explore the exciting offerings created by these women entrepreneurs while giving local businesses a boost this season.

1. Auolive

Auolive Daily Essentials (Photo: Auolive)

One minute is all it takes to keep your skin healthy. With its one-minute, one-step philosophy, Auolive skincare helps busy women achieve glowing complexions without tedious or time-consuming routines.

Made with natural active ingredients, this multi-functional range of skincare allows you to replace multiple-step regimens with just a single step—skin saviours for busy women on the go. 

“Why spend 30 minutes when you only need one or two minutes a day? Good skincare should not be a hassle,” says founder Claire Au, who is a busy mother and entrepreneur herself. “Auolive is all about empowering women. We simplify skincare so you only need to use one product instead of three or four.”

Unlike other skincare brands which require a slew of products, Auolive’s dermatologically tested skincare range features only four signature products: Day Glower, Night Restorer, Radiance Revealer and Eyes Lifter.

Photo: Auolive

Founded in 2016, Claire says she was inspired to start Auolive to address the market gap for high-performance skincare for time-starved women. 

“I grew up knowing the three-step routine of ‘Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise’ as the holy grail,” reveals Claire. “Over time, the number of steps grew to include serum, pre-essence and lotion essence, etc. Skincare got more confusing, overwhelming and too time-consuming!” 

“A friend of mine religiously carried out a 10-step skincare regimen, which I felt was too much for the average person,” she adds. After she had a baby, she only had time to wash her face with water, she adds, “Hence, I started Auolive to simplify things and provide busy women with effective skincare in as little time and as few steps as possible.”

The all-in-one antioxidant brightening moisturiser Day Glower protects and hydrates your skin during the day, while the Night Restorer intensely moisturises and firms up your skin as you sleep. Renew your skin’s glow with the Radiance Revealer, a superfruit exfoliating gel packed with the superfruit pomegranate, and revive tired eyes with the invigorating Eyes Lifter serum which lightens dark circles and reduces fine lines and puffiness.

Photo: Auolive

The brand name “Au” + “Olive” (pronounced “olive”) is a combination of Claire’s family name and the olive tree, which she describes as “an enduring symbol of strength and beauty as the tree can last for 1,000 years”. Olive oil has also been used from the early days for its beauty and health properties.

For lasting beauty, maintain your skin’s health with Auolive skincare. There are no excuses not to take care of your complexion—after all, one minute is all you need!

Beauty Counter at Metro Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, #02-28 Paragon

2. JeannieRichard

Photo: JeannieRichard

Every woman knows that a well-chosen piece of jewellery not only takes your look from good to great in an instant, but the right piece can also highlight your features and flatter your face. With the beautiful gems from JeannieRichard, there is no need to wait for a special occasion to shine and look your best every day. 

Featuring contemporary creations with influences of art deco style, these handwoven pieces are crafted with carefully curated glass beads, pearls and crystals. Each element is keenly scrutinised for perfect form and colour by this husband-and-wife team before Jeannie Yeo herself puts it to design and handsews each piece personally.

That’s not all. All the earrings are lightweight and are perfect for going from day to night without discomfort. Most of the styles are so versatile that they add a dose of sublime sparkle therapy to your outfits.

“Our designs are intended to rise to any occasion and can be worn as part of everyday styling,” says Jeannie, who founded the brand in 2011 together with her husband Richard.

Like their marriage, the name of their brand JeannieRichard reflects the beauty of two personalities coming together as one union.

Photo: JeannieRichard

“This same notion flows through the designs that brings the marriage of age-old beading techniques with distinctly modern styles with hints of art deco,” she explains. 

Be it earrings, wrist cuffs or rings, each piece in their collection sparkles with colour and creativity, as the unique designs intertwine pretty beads with dazzling pearls and crystals to deliver a stunning tapestry. In celebration of women and their aspirations, each design is endowed with a special name or term reflecting strength, hope and love.

Photo: JeannieRichard

“Our pieces are meant to celebrate the wearer’s milestones,” adds Jeannie. “Each jewellery piece has a unique story just as you are. More than just a piece of decorative jewellery, we hope JeannieRichard becomes a sentimental piece to the owner and reminds her of fond moments every time she wears it.”

For your very own sentimental heirloom, grab these gorgeous gems from JeannieRichard to help you make memories day by day while commemorating the significant milestones in your life.


3. marshmalloh

Photo: marshmalloh

Pillows are not only for sleeping on; they serve more than just one purpose. Did you know that artfully styled throw pillows can spruce up your space and boost the beauty of your home without having to rip out wallpaper or the need for big changes in furniture? 

“Bring out the subtle features in your home by using decorative pillows to add a pop of colour to your living room, refresh a cosy corner or simply add comfort to your workspace,” says founder Natalie Loh.

Understanding how these fluffy accoutrements can make a big difference in interior design aesthetics, the founders of marshmalloh came up with a new concept to add an even more personal touch to your home décor. 

Inspired by their own travels and architecture, the team created a range of designs that reflect the architecture and impressions of the places they had visited. Browsing through their collection—aptly named after cities and attractions around the world—is like getting transported vicariously to various venues as each design evokes stylistic impressions of different seasons and global cultures.

Photo: marshmalloh

For instance, the Snowballs in Whistler Throw Cushion features white “snowball”-like bumps while a colourful floral design in Cherries in Tokyo Throw Cushion imitates the cherry blossom season. Meanwhile, the patterns on the Table Mountain Throw Cushion look just like mountain peaks, while the jagged shades in the Charyn Canyon Throw Cushion give the impression of cliffs and crevasses.

Photo: marshmalloh

If you have trouble visualising how the pillows will look on your sofa, armchair or bed, the team at marshmalloh is happy to offer styling advice and help you curate pieces according to your style and preference. Just send them a photo of your space and their in-house stylist will build a custom set together with you. 

With these beautiful pillows, get inspired to indulge in your own wanderlust—be it evoking memories of a previous journey or fueling the dreams of future adventures. 


4. Mélange

Photo: Melange

In a multicultural society like Singapore, South Asian apparel plays a big part in its fashion landscape.  From dresses, tops, kaftans and kurtas to lehengas, sarees, shararas and dhotis, Mélange is the online one-stop-shop for all varieties of South Asian designer clothing and accessories to get you decked out for any occasion. Their recently launched Bridal and Trousseau styling service also has you covered for your upcoming special occasion.

Showcasing the best designs from both renowned as well as emerging Indian designers, Mélange houses more than 2,000 products created by over 50 talented designers, including noted Indian designers such as Tarun Tahiliani, Anita Dongre, Ritu Kumar, Monisha Jaising, Namrata Joshipura, Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna, Nikasha, Payal Singhal, Isharya and Outhouse. 

Photo: Melange

Founded in 2014 by fashion entrepreneur Samia Khan, not only did she aim to champion creativity and generate a platform for the skilled designers she knew from back home in India, but she also wanted to connect women around the world with the beauty and vibrancy of South Asian designs. 

“The clothes we wear do not just exist to make us look or feel beautiful; they also serve to reassure and give us the confidence we need to thrive,” says Samia. “Mélange is my contribution to help women along that journey, while celebrating and raising awareness of talented South Asian designers.”

Photo: Melange

Besides her goal of bringing the best of South Asian fashion to Singapore and beyond, Samia also believes in sustainable fashion, which is why she partners with brands like Anita Dongre Grassroot, Nika and Tahweave to support the sustainable agenda.

Carefully curated collections for both men and women reflect the pride the brand takes in picking only high-quality pieces that reflect impeccable quality and unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether you are looking for traditional garb with a luxurious edge, modern contemporary outfits or opulent royalty-worthy drapes, this multi-label store has it all. 

Photo: Melange

To top off your look, peruse their jewellery showcase which includes earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets and brooches as well as accessories such as bags, belts, hairbands, scarves and stoles. This curation of jewellery and accessories also makes perfect gifts for your loved ones. For more details on the gifting guide do check out the section of Perfect Bling Under 200 online.

With such a dynamic range of apparel and accessories to choose from, it is no surprise that Mélange is touted as the “Ambassador of Indian Fashion” in the region. Keep an eye out for their experiential offline events as well—from fashion catwalks to VIP trunk shows and pop-up showcases.

Photo: Melange

WhatsApp: +65 9004 9897
Instagram: @melange_singapore
Facebook: Melange Singapore

5. OliveAnkara 

Photo: OliveAnkara

If you can’t go to Africa, let Africa come to you. With contemporary styles and eye-catching prints, the dazzling dresses and accessories from OliveAnkara are sure to turn heads wherever you go. 

Inspired by African and Asian cultures, this label pays homage to iconic designs and styles that are synonymous with both, with the intent to create a cross-cultural dialogue through fashion. After all, the brand was founded by designer Ifeoma Ubby (call her Ify, she says), who is of Nigerian heritage but was born and raised in Italy, and now lives in Singapore.

“I grew up surrounded by Italian people, culture and taste, but my Nigerian roots always played an important role,” says Ify, whose goal is to make African-inspired clothes that can be worn by women of all races.

When she moved to Singapore in 2016 to continue her career in the field of cancer research after completing her PhD in human molecular genetics, the lack of African culture locally caught her attention.

Photo: OliveAnkara

“I wanted African fabrics to make my wedding gown, and I couldn’t find any!” says Ify. “This lack sparked an idea in my mind: If I can’t find African dresses in Singapore, why don’t I just make them myself?” 

With fabrics purchased from Nigeria, she did just that. Her unique dresses were so striking it made complete strangers stop and inquire about them. 

“People were noticing and asking about their origins, so I decided to make some more,” says Ify. 

With that, the first OliveAnkara collection was birthed in June 2017. 

Photo: OliveAnkara

Celebrating diversity while embracing uniqueness above quantity and mass production, OliveAnkara’s clothes and accessories are produced in limited numbers. With everything handmade, oftentimes, only one piece per size per print is available, which means what you are wearing is truly one of a kind. 

“I aim to change the perception that African prints look good only on black people, because I strongly believe that colours and patterns typical of Ankara fabrics can look good on women of all colours,” she says.

This year, the brand is also launching their very first OliveAnkara Original Prints (OA ORIGINAL Prints). Made by skilled artisans using natural biodegradable fibres, these fabrics feature Ankara (African wax print) motifs while incorporating Japanese elements. Look for their latest Afro-Asian fusion collection “AJO AYE 21”—meaning “colourful journey” in Yoruba language—which is created using OA ORIGINAL Prints fabrics.

79 Chay Yan Street, #01-02 (opposite Plain Vanilla)
Tel: +65 8833 3427

6. Temple Candles

Photo: Temple Candles

You can light up your life in more ways than one with the gorgeous candles by Temple Candles. In fact, beyond the scented flames, their diffusers and room sprays also go the distance by infusing pleasant aromas to enhance your space—and your mood!

Don’t just take our word for it—even reputable hotels and institutions recognise the quality of their products. In 2017, Raffles Hotel Singapore chose Temple Candles to create their bespoke “Frangipani” range of diffusers, room sprays and eau de toilette, which are sold exclusively at The Raffles Hotel Boutique. Alongside, their fragrances are also incorporated in the hotel’s French restaurant, La Dame de Pic, helmed by 3-Michelin-star chef Anne-Sophie Pic.

Founder and creative director of Temple Candles, Kendall Hamill moved from Australia to Singapore eight years ago and was inspired to create Oriental-botanic fragrances that could be taken home “as reminders of romantic travels to the Far East, an olfactory link to another time and place—Singapore,” she says. 

“The idea for Temple Candles came about after an endless search for that perfect Singapore-inspired gift for visiting family and friends,” reveals Kendall. 

Photo: Temple Candles

Understanding the power of scent in evoking memories, she knew exactly the type of memento she wanted to give them that would bring back travel memories, but such an item was nowhere to be found. 

Ignited by Kendall’s vision, Temple Candles was born. 

Crafted right here in Singapore, the brand’s stylish range of candles and diffusers not only smell sensational, but also double as elegant statement pieces to deck out your home, while their hand and body products are as pampering as they are luxurious. Sustainably sourced, all products are made using only the finest natural ingredients, such as coconut wax and essential oil fragrances.

Photo: Temple Candles

For a meaningful gift that bears good scent and good fortune, Temple Candles’ products also come in a signature Black & White box that features a handwoven “Eternal Knot” tassel which symbolises good luck, longevity and an auspicious connection between two souls.

Temple Candles is stocked at:

Design Orchard, 250 Orchard Road * Raffles Hotel Boutique, Raffles Hotel Singapore, Seah Street * The AC Boutique, 420 Joo Chiat Road * Firefly Living Collection, #03-03 Tanglin Mall * National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew’s Road * Emperor’s Attic, 315 Outram Road, #01-10 Tan Boon Liat Building * Taylor B, 65 Mohamed Sultan Rd


7. The Tea Story 

Photo: The Tea Story

It is not just the British who know how to enjoy a fine cup of tea. Right here on the Little Red Dot, discerning Singaporeans have also come to acquire a taste for luxurious blends of tea, thanks to artisanal tea connoisseurs like the good folks behind The Tea Story. Known for their organic & handcrafted exclusive caffeine-free selections curated from the world’s finest tea estates, you will be transported into the magical world of teas with every sip in the comfort of your homes. 

Their artisanally blended loose-leaf teas are carefully handpicked from highest mountainous single-estate tea farms before undergoing a natural process of drying and oxidising. The talented tea-blending sommeliers at The Tea Story create an assortment of aromatic and exotic amalgamations of rich blends to tantalise your taste buds and deliver an unparalleled tea experience infused with love. 

From Cocktail inspired tea blends featuring Rose Lychee Martini, Fruity Sangria, to Exotic tea blends including Melon Sorbet & Jasmine Crème Brulee, The Tea Story has the perfect fix for all your tea needs with more than 25 unique tea assortments! Looking for a spa getaway? Look no further because The Tea Story has you covered with their Wellness series such as Serenitea, Immunitea & Detoxtea! And need we add that they also offer Christmas inspired tea blends including Bells & Bellini, Winter Wonderland & Christmas Noel! Now this has got to be a tea haven for all you tea connoisseurs out there! 

Photo: The Tea Story

With their sustainability promise and embryonic passion for tea, The Tea Story is also strongly committed to empowering and supporting single estate tea farmers and adopting an eco-friendly approach of using recycled materials and soy-based inks! “A life lived consciously is a life best lived. All our efforts – whether big or small, contribute to a better tomorrow. So let us do our part to conserve and protect the environment one cup at a time as we infuse the magnanimous energy of tea through our rich and exclusive blends into your everyday lives to make a little difference” says the founder of the brand, Neha Salecha.

Photo: The Tea Story

Whether it is for a cosy midday catchup with a girlfriend or an elegant soiree in the evening, their versatile teas can be brewed hot or cold! Celebrate your parties in style with The Tea Story’s artisanal selections and brew up a cuppa your guests will remember this Christmas! So go ahead and cherish the unforgettable bonds formed over a cup of tea with The Tea Story!

The Tea Story
65 Ubi Road 1, #02-53 Oxley BizHub 1,Singapore 408729 
Tel: +65 6909 5933
WhatsApp: +65 8111 1786