Star Buys for Every Star Sign in Your Life

Here at the Harper’s BAZAAR office, we tend to relate (almost) everything to our star signs—”You’re such a Gemini!”, “That’s such a Sagittarius thing to do!”, or “He’s a Scorpio, for sure”. As proud reps of our individual signs, we cheer with joy, or get all riled up in defense, depending on whatever someone says about it.

So when we discovered astrology-inspired apparels and lifestyle products, we were of course overjoyed. Whether you’d like to rep your sign loud and proud with J.Crew’s T-shirts (so chic, we want all of them!), or show your love for zodiac signs in general with Dior’s polished gold clutch—there’s one for everyone (and sign). Did we mention that the oval soap bars from Fresh come with exclusive horoscope and beauty tips by astrologer-to-the-stars, Susan Miller? Yup, that’s one thing that will definitely leave us starry-eyed.

Additional reporting by Annabelle Fernandez

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