Five 2000s Trends Making A Comeback This Summer

Your #tbt classics just became hot again—here's how you pull them off in 2018. By Michelle Varinata

Tacky, trashy and brashy, the 2000s was the decade we all love to hate. As much as we want to cringe  at the outfits that made you cover your eyes, we also need to thank the 2000s for inventing celebrities as (the original) influencers, street style and most importantly, redefining the conventions of a classic wardrobe.

While the majority of 2000s fashion trends faded into obscurity as soon as the 2009 ended, little did we know that the “It” girls of today (whether it’s Meghan Markle, Kaia Gerber and/or Bella Hadid) would channel the “It” girls of the decade. (Looking at you, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne!)

If you feel too scared to repeat what you wore 10 years ago, don’t fret: you can always freshen up your summer wardrobe with these top 5 trends that you totally forgot about.

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