SOTTES Is The Upcoming Fashion Label You Need To Know

Upcycling forms the very core of the label

Founded in 2017 by Jeanne Guenat and Elliot Upton, SOTTES  is an emerging label that tackles the issue of sustainability by producing upcycled clothes for a new generation of discerning consumers. With a unique moniker that means “rebellious” in French, the duo have built SOTTES on an equally unorthodox approach.


Photo: Joel Tettamanti

They’re based in a small village in Switzerland, their hand-crafted and genderless clothes are made for an “undefined audience”, while production takes on a fluid and organic route—the recycled materials that have been sourced determines the direction of the next collection.


Photo: Joel Tettamanti

For their debut collection, Guenat and Upton crafted a range of all-white garments that also signals the promise of fresh beginnings. The clothes have been treated like blank canvases, on which the duo and their team of dedicated seamstresses added silkscreen-images, slogans and functional fastenings. Scroll through the gallery above and check out some SOTTES’ cerebral offerings, which are now available in Singapore at the Surrender store.

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