Sarah Staudinger doesn’t design according to seasonal color codes. “Just because it’s fall does not mean you want to wear all black or just dark colors,” the Staud co-founder and designer says. “You want that optimism and you want to be your own ray of sunshine, if you will.”

The fourth installment of Staud’s New Balance collaboration, available today, brings Staudinger’s signature love of bright colors to fall athleticwear. In the 17-piece line, Staud’s penchant for graphic color blocking in primary shades injects energy into everything from New Balance’s classic 547 sneaker to matching sets and puffer vests. It’s New Balance’s heritage mixed with Staud’s modern design codes—a palette Staudinger describes as seventies sporting events by way of Lego.

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Credit: Staud

Fusing Staud and New Balance into a single line took more than painting New Balance’s archival designs in Staud-approved shades. The team also updated Staud silhouettes for gym wear, like the cropped tank tops with Staud’s corseting seams. Nothing is “just a fashion piece,” Staudinger says. “It’s genuinely made for being active.” Key detail? Every item has pockets.

The most challenging mash-up came in the form of the 57/40 sneaker, with a slightly translucent upper that pays homage to Staud’s PVC Shirley bag.

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“I’ve always had a thing for translucent materials and using them in odd ways,” Staudinger says, but the New Balance team found her initial request for a clear shoe “insane.” After several tests, they developed a semi-sheer sneaker. “That’s a huge part of what makes the shoe so special, is using these translucent materials without it being fully translucent.”

Credit: Staud

Staud’s latest New Balance collection may be engineered for the gym, but it’s more than wearable for everyday activities. The puffer vest works just as well paired with a mini skirt and lug-sole boots as it does over a running set. And either pair of sneakers can be styled with jeans and dresses.

Staudinger would know: While September fashion week attendees were watching Larry David in Staud’s Spring 2022 front row, she took her final bow in a black dress and the 574 sneakers from this collection.

Credit: Staud

The range of big names who’ve worn previous Staud and New Balance collaborations—like Larry David and Timothée Chalamet—speak to its versatility, Staudinger says. “That to me is the essence of this collaboration: You have this classic, iconic moment and then this very modern trend character or person.”

It’s the best of both brands, made brighter. Shop the Staud and New Balance collaboration above or at and

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This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US.