Tall Order: An Interview With Rebecca Farrar-Hockley

How do you make women feel powerful with your designs?

I love that a pair of shoes can totally transform your mood and your shape; and that you don’t have to have a model’s proportions to fit into them. Our design DNA is about quality and style with a distinct edge. Feeling powerful is about confidence and that can come from wearing flatforms, fashion sandals or trainers just as much as a pair of heels.

Describe the lifestyle of the Kurt Geiger Woman.

The Kurt Geiger woman is confident, chic and playful. She does it all and enjoys a bag that can keep up with her day and her mood. You’re just as likely to see her wearing fashion sneakers or sandals to work as you are to see her in unconventional courts.

Tall Order: An Interview With Rebecca Farrar-Hockley
Kurt Geiger’s Bond Black Suede Stiletto. Photo: Kurt Geiger

What sparked off your interest in shoe design?

I have always had a soft spot for shoes and accessories. They have cult status and, to me, they represent the magic of fashion.

Do you have a favourite shoe designer?

It is impossible to pick one, but Manolo Blahnik will always be one of the world’s most inspiring shoe designers.

You’ve been with the brand since 2002. What’s next?

We’ve been dressing women for everything, and now, we can dress their little girls too! Perhaps it’s the kid in me, but I’ve been itching to design girls’ shoes. You wouldn’t believe how many letters I get from little girls. And guess what? Their wish is my command! We’ll be launching a Mini Miss KG line for girls aged 4 to 12.

Tall Order: An Interview With Rebecca Farrar-Hockley
A chandelier made of Kurt Geiger heels. Photo: Kurt Geiger

By Gerald Tan