-Taylor-Swift--Bad-Blood-music-video-promo-poster-01 Taylor Swift might have the world’s finest couturiers at her beck and call, but, suffice it to say, the accouterments featured in her most recent music video were a bit more stripped-down.

The pop star, or Catastrophe as we know her from the badass girl-power “Bad Blood” clip—purportedly wore $13,000 worth of clothes not from luxe department stores or high-end designers but from a Los Angeles erotic shop called The Stockroom, as Page Six reported.

Taylor Swift’s latex dress

Pieces from the shop included the flesh-coloured latex basque Taylor sports in the opening scene and a black bow-neck latex blouse that her onscreen arch-nemesis Selena Gomez donned during her appearance. If you’re in the market for some latex clothing—getting a jump on your Halloween costume, maybe?—you can get Selena’s top for a cool $360 (approximately SGD $482).

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez’s latex blouse

It sure is a steep price for a shirt, but a small cost to pay to achieve the same level of Gomez’s badassery, right?