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We’re aware that most people buy just one or two new swimsuits per season(unless you live right next to the beach or have a pool—lucky you). Thus, deciding which one you’re going to invest in for this year requires careful research. Like everything else in fashion, every season you’ll find designers releasing new bikinis and one pieces, likely around a certain theme. For spring/summer 2019, animal print reigns supreme, from your leopard spots to tiger stripes, though we’ve uncovered four other trends you’re sure to see lining the lounge chairs this summer too. (You don’t need another little basic black bikini!).

See which trend speaks to you, ahead, add said suit to your cart, then get ready to wear it in three to five business days. Don’t forget SPF!

Animal Print 

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This season’s animal print selections run the gamut, from your classic leopard to variations on zebra and tiger stripes—even python! You’ll find these designs splashed onto one-pieces and bikinis in a variety of colors from neon pinks to a more subdue white-and-black combination. While animal prints are generally associated with that “look-at-me” vibe, anyone can rock them. The fierce print serves as a little reminder that we’re all feeling more powerful and bold this year, so don’t be afraid to own it.


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Tan lines from sexy cutout swimsuits like the ones below are ones we don’t really mind. (Just remember to apply sunscreen there too.) For 2019, almost every swimwear brand has released its own version of a “sexy cutout” suit, whether it’s a bikini that resembles bandage wraps or a one-piece that has a whole side missing. My favorite, though, has to be the combination of strategically placed cutouts on more romantic and feminine swimsuits for that unexpected style twist.

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Kourtney Kardashian wore a purple metallic swimsuit back in August and now metallic swimsuits are everywhere. Coincidence? We think not. For summer, brands like Lisa Marie Fernandez have bumped up their metallic bikini and one-piece offerings, releasing colors like black (a more versatile option than purple) and classic gold and silver. This shiny material might get blindly bright when the sunlight hits it, so have your sunglasses ready. Might I recommend this pair?

High Waisted Bottoms 

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Our infatuation with clothes from the ’80s and ’90s has been well documented on the runways for the past few seasons. This nostalgia, clearly, is no different when it comes to swimwear—retailers are hopping on that high-waisted bikini bandwagon. If you had trouble finding a style you liked last season don’t you worry, for summer 2019 there are tons of new options. Incorporating florals to ruffles to cutouts (see above) to sustainable fabrics, the high-waisted cut is at the top of every retailer’s must-design list. The high-waist might be a retro look, but these fresh prints and designs keep it feeling contemporary.

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Sweet Bows 

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Blink and you might miss this subtle but sweet detail. Tiny bows are popping up on swimsuits, whether on the shoulders or on the side of your bikini bottoms. Some designers like Mara Hoffman even made them the focal point on swimsuits, placing them front and center for the world to see. If you’re looking for just a touch of something-something in your otherwise basic swimsuits, opt for one of the pretty bow pieces below.

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