Wisharawish Akarasantisook
Wisharawish Akarasantisook

What’s your first memory of fashion?

I went to a graduate fashion show in 2003 and I felt I should be there. It felt instinctive. I was studying theatre at that time. So I signed up for a fashion design course, where I spent the evenings and weekends learning the craft.
How would you describe your aesthetic?

I love traditional craftsmanship but translated in contemporary ways. I add local flavour to my designs, but adapted so it’s global in perspective. I’m interested in Buddhist philosophies, the circle of life, and I translate that into my designs too.

Why are Thai designers gaining prominence?

I think Thai designers are very lucky. We have everything—be it textiles or a comprehensive production system. We come from very rich cultural backgrounds, and people are open-minded, too. Everything is possible in Thailand, which perhaps explains why we’ve received so much exposure.
Do you feel the need to fly the Thai flag high?

It’s more about flying the Asian flag high. I think Asian fashion is getting exciting. Personally, I am in competition with myself.
How do you make your voice known as an Asian designer?
It’s about a universal language that speaks to the world.

Exquisite pleating takes centrestage at Wisharawish
Exquisite pleating takes centrestage at Wisharawish