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It Brit Alexa Chung has rarely (exception: see below) made a misstep when it comes to her finely-tuned fashion sense. And because we can’t shop her actual closet, keeping up with her wardrobe preferences and style habits is the next best thing.

This past week, Chung sat down with Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine as part of the blogger’s Oh Boy podcast series. When she wasn’t dishing on dreams she can’t remember, social media, #squadgoals, and her new app Villoid, Chung shared her thoughts on trend-setting and finding her fashion footing.

She recalled, “When I first started doing television in England, I think other countries didn’t necessarily know I was on TV and they just thought I was someone who wore outfits, which was fine and nice. And then I started getting invited to fashion shows and it seemed like I could do no wrong in terms of what I was wearing. So I got really, like, bigheaded and thought, you know what, I can start trends. This can happen. So then I started experimenting a bit more and the cycling shorts was the moment I realized that’s not what was going on at all… Everyone was like, ‘What the fuck are you doing?!’ and I was like, aww shit.”

the one piece of clothing alexa chung hates
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One particularly noteworthy revelation came later as the conversation shifted to the subject of shopping wish lists, and the pieces Chung is loving and loathing right now.

“At the moment I really want a yellow, pale lemony, mohair-y cardigan, and I can’t find one anywhere,” Chung said. “And I keep thinking about spaghetti straps. I want everything to have spaghetti straps.”

But when Medine suggested the comeback of the infamous going-out top, Chung was not having it.

“There’s something about a going-out top that really upsets me… I don’t know, I just don’t like it. It seems really like— I went into Isabel Marant yesterday and she has some beautiful things. I saw this red blouse, and I was like, that’s so nice! But then ugh, it’s so like ‘You wear that with jeans’. I feel like it’s quite ’90s, and maybe that’s cool but, like, you’d always wear your ‘top’I want to make things look interesting together. I don’t want it to be so spelled out already that you can just—the detail’s there, you just put the thing with it.”

To which Medine aptly replies, “That’s what they call style.”

Ultimately, Chung went ahead and purchased the aforementioned Isabel Marant going-out top. No doubt she’ll style it in a way that’s entirely her own—we’ll be keeping an eye out come Fashion Month.

Listen to the complete audio of Alexa Chung on Oh Boy below:

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