Yong Bae Seok and the No_Code X
Photo: Courtesy of TOD’s

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect gift for your partner, look no further. We may have just found the ultimate present that has been given a seal of approval by fashion’s It crowd (even our Editor-In-Chief is obsessed).

Your boyfriend/hubby will love these No_Code X sneakers from TOD’s, available in three colourways. Introduced in 2018, the celebrated No_Code line is the brainchild of TOD’S in-house designer Yong Bae Seok, who has officially launched his third edition of what he calls the ‘shoeker’.

If you need any more convincing on why this shoe will be the gift your loved one will appreciate, the Creative Director of TOD’s No_Code project gives us a quick rundown.

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Kenneth Goh and Yong Bae Seok
Photo: Courtesy

1. Why is TOD’s No_Code X the perfect shoe?

Customers now want a shoe that doesn’t look too formal. Everyone is looking for a sneaker which fits into their lifestyles. A sneaker that can take you for a walk in the park to a casual meet-up with a friend and even to your office job. The sneaker trend is not just about looking cool. It’s about wanting an aesthetically-pleasing shoe that is comfortable, lightweight and flexible for all occasions.

2. What makes TOD’s No_Code ‘shoeker’ so different from the average shoe or sneaker?

We broke the rule of designing the average shoe with a ‘worldwide fit’ that could sell across the globe. I looked through TOD’s archives and found this really beautiful, classic shoe shape which I experimented with and transformed. The results transcend class, fluidity and elegance. It’s something refreshing from an Italian label.

Yong Bae Seok and the No_Code X
Photo: Courtesy of TOD’s

3. What runs through your mind when it comes to designing the ever-evolving No_Code sneakers?

I find that the design process of this range of footwear is similar to designing a car. Like cars, which are designed as a means for transportation, shoes are also designed to bring you to another destination. In a way, they share the same philosophy.

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Yong Bae Seok and the No_Code X
Photo: Courtesy of TOD’s

4. How would you describe your approach to designing the No_Code collections?

I always keep in my mind the questions that focus on the customers’ needs. After giving them some thought and figuring out my approach moving forward, I then share my ideas with TOD’s Chairman, Mr Diego Della Valle. Once we’ve had our discussion, I think about the most important factors needed for the sneaker; what qualities the sneaker should have, and who would be the right suppliers with the expertise to make the shoe model.

With the subsequent range of shoes in the series, I try to go with an approach that uses similar materials in a different way.

5. What can we look forward to in the next collection? Will you think of creating a performance shoe for exercise?

At the moment, my background is more on the technical aspects of a sneaker’s design. Maybe one day we can think about that.

No_Code X
Photo: Courtesy of TOD’s

Shop the No_Code X Sneakers today at select TOD’s boutiques.

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