Launched in 1997, Tod’s D-Bag (which was named after Princess Diana) instantly became a favourite with celebrities from all over the world including Princess Caroline de Monaco, Katie Holmes, Diane Kruger, Freida Pinto, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore and many others thanks to its timeless silhouette and unique construction. 22 years on and the D-Bag is still the brand’s most iconic and well-known handbag.

Now, as part of Tod’s SS19 collection, the much loved bag has undergone a transformation and has been renamed the D-Styling. While the design is still rooted in the typical Italian savoir faire as well as in the tradition of saddlery, the new model is characterised by a unique central curvature, inspired by the lightest and most feminine lines in nature: the wings of butterflies.

As part of the launch of the D-Styling, Tod’s enlisted top model Irina Shayk, Chinese actress Maggie Jiang, Korean actress Jung Eun-chae and Japanese model and actress Nana Eikura to reveal one of their most intimate secrets: What’s inside their handbag. And let’s be honest, most women will be able to relate when they say #MyLifeIsInThisBag.

Of course, aside from their penchant for sweet treats, the four women also share a love for the D-Styling. “D-Styling is the kind of bag that I would recommend to all my friends. I think it suits most girls. It can be a shoulder bag, a cross body, and a handbag at the same time. It’s voluminous, and beautiful in both shape and colour. I would say it’s a must-have,” explained Maggie Jiang.

The D-Styling is available now at TOD’S Paragon Store and Marina Bay Sands Store.