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Long days and longer nights equate to burning both ends of a candle to scout for the right girl, search for the perfect location to book a photoshoot alongside the mundane routine of packing up two suitcases’ worth of clothes. Rather than booking a cab to make trips around town to schedule photoshoots or setting up an early call time to prep a models’ skin, who needs a real model nowadays?

As a brilliant way to save time, labour and cost, virtual models are making a splash on Instagram. Built with matte poreless skin, shiny hair, lifelike profiles and plump juicy lips, these women can be easily passed off as human beings. Although we do not wish to believe that they are (gasp) made by a computer, we can’t help but to admire their flawless complexion and doll-like mien.

Here are the top three virutal Instagram models that you have to follow:

  1. 1. Noonoouri

As the perfect hybrid of a Bratz Doll and Betty Boop, this virtual doll made our hearts melt with her larger-than-life cuteness. Despite being a CGI invention by a German fashion aficionado Joerg Zuber, she’s already built a large fanbase with Riccardo Tisci, Dior and Kim Kardashian on Instagram. With a taste for high fashion, she is never caught without sporting a luxury label whether it’s Chanel, Versace, and YSL. Not the one to let a couture dress rot in the back of a closet, Noonoouri rocks an Elie Saab dress – just to grab a a bag of steaming hot French fries!

Besides her appreciation for designer togs, the Paris-based model is a philantrophist who supports causes from AIDS to Naomi Campbell‘s Fashion for Relief.

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When she’s not hitting the streets or posing in her latest designer purchases, Noonoouri also does makeup tutorials in her spare time.

Starting off her year strong with a Dior Makeup campaign and partnership with KKW Cosmetics, it’s very likely that her following will blow up to at least half a million before the end of the year.

2. Lil Miquela

Honestly, we never thought that this Sim-esque character is backed by one million followers. (Shame on us!) Known for her signature double buns, blunt bangs and freckles, this fresh-faced Gen Z 19-year-old looks way too good to be a (real) human. Always dressed like she’s going to *Scape, the Brazilian virtual model and occasional singer’s clothes alternates between luxury labels (e.g. Maison Martin Margiela and Prada) to IG-famous streetwear designers (Danielle Guizio). Like any Gen Z girl, she accompanies her posts with Drake lyrics as her captions.

Thanks to her Hypebae aesthetic, Kenzo and Opening Ceremony linked up with this rising influencer to hawk their wares.

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Outside of Instagram, you can find her face on Taehyung of BTS‘ sweatshirt.

While her creator hasn’t outed himself (or herself), Lil Miquela is built to be woke, too. Supporting trans rights to DACA, we give her kudos for being the social justice warrior we aspire to be.

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3. Shudu

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Flamingo ???? . By . . #3dart

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With a lifelike statuesque height and killer curves to boot, is it hard to believe that this model is actually a creation of British photographer Cameron James Wilson? Despite her problematic origins (as her creator is a white man), this CGI model has already bagged photoshoots with Fenty Beauty and Women’s Wear Daily.

With only 134K followers on Instagram, we have yet to see Shudu’s sartorial chops outside of editorials. Nevertheless, we also are proud of her for having celeb fans like Alicia Keys, Naomi Campbell, Michael B. Jordan and Tyra Banks.

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