Fashion can be gorgeous, dynamic and unpredictable. Designers are artists in their own right, keeping their sketches a secret until showtime. It’s almost impossible for any critic to foresee elements of the collection prior to the runway.

Special collaborations are phenomenons on their own, some end up mediocre and others happen to be an overwhelming success out of the blue – the Omega X Swatch watches are a testament to the latter. 

While there are a ton of surprises within the industry, here are some recent unconventional fashion moments that left us gob-smacked. Brace yourselves, it’s about to get… interesting.

Jack Irving’s Tentacle-Fashion

Yes, that’s right. The London-based designer released his spiky fall/winter 2022 collection into the world during London Fashion Week. Using technology and engineering, guests were treated to a spectacle when the shiny tendrils came to life – inflating, bouncing and swirling – as the models strut down the runway. 

The spikes are one of Irving’s signature designs and superstar singer and actress Lady Gaga has been one of his major fans since 2014. 

Gucci X Adidas

Gucci has been known for its amazing collaborations such as The Hacker Project with Balenciaga and the special collab with Adidas is no exception.

While the accessories and shoes will undoubtedly be highly sought after, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele’s rendition of a gothic wedding dress is a stroke of sheer genius.  

Coupled with an outer corset made with monogram canvas and technical fabric in Adidas’ classic red and trefoil branding, the subversive look was the perfect finale for this unconventional collaboration. 

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GCDS’ Monster Heels

These spine-chilling vinyl heels are the perfect example of how the Italian streetwear label helmed by Giuliano Calza is constantly pushing the boundaries and making streetwear fun in 2022. 

The fall/winter 2022 collection incorporated what Calza does best – quirky prints, outlandish materials and bold hues. However, the most surprising factor was a culmination of two drastically different sources of inspiration – Dracula and Hello Kitty.

Bottega Veneta’s Furry Wedges

Everyone adores the house’s specialities – handbags and woven leather intrecciato but this season’s It accessory has to be the neon orange fuzzy wedges. The muppet-like heels juxtapose the minimalistic silhouettes and the sharp tailoring of creative director Matthieu Blazy

This marks Blazy’s first collection as creative director after the abrupt departure of his predecessor, Daniel Lee, last November. We can’t wait to see what else is in the pipeline.

Han Kjøbenhavn’s Full-Body Veil

While this face-covering garb may be unpractical for daily wear, it sure is a work of art and a feast for the eyes.

The central theme of the collection is “Sculpting Darkness”. With the mood of sadness in mind, artistic director Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen combined the use of metal, transparent mesh and faux furs with unconventional silhouettes to reinterpret how we view the female anatomy.

Coperni X Heven Glass Bags

Say goodbye to Cinderella’s glass slippers and hello to Coperni’s glass bags. The French fashion house tapped glass sculptors Breanna Box and Peter Dupont of Heven to create three distinct designs of the cult-favourite bag.

Although there are no compartments, the glass-blown bags kept the classic oval shape and the extra-wide diameter handle that is wildly beloved.

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Maison KIMHĒKIM’s Wiggy Collection

Hairdos can make or break an outfit but what happens when the hairdo is part of the clothes? The South Korean designer made a head-scratching collection that played with hair – blonde, black, brunette, you name it.

If that isn’t impressive enough, take a closer look at the amount of detail in each braid and knot on the garments – zero flyaways insight.

Balenciaga’s Winter Runway & Kim Kardashian’s Tape Catsuit

Of course, the face of Balenciaga was expected to turn out a viral look at the fall/winter 2022 runway show but no one expected Kim Kardashian to be wrapped up from neck to toe in tape with the house’s brand. But that wasn’t the only thing we marvelled at that day.

Stunning Fashion Moments And Collaborations That We Love-Balenciaga Snow Globe Runway
Photo: Showbit

The entire show was set in a rotunda that mimicked a snow globe. A wind machine blew aggressively against the models who were trudging painstakingly through the fake snow. This was creative director Demna Gvasalia’s ode to the dangers of climate change.

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Germanier’s Glamourous And Sustainable Beads

Swiss designer Kevin Germanier has dedicated his label to upcycled luxury fashion and he is revered for his technicolour beadwork. 

His first runway show featured completely beaded ensembles – body-hugging dresses, masks, tights and shoes. While some of these looks were more decorative than wearable, Germanier included dialled down versions in the forms of denim jackets and t-shirts.

Loewe’s Surrealist Masterpiece

Creative director Jonathan Anderson has been on a roll with both avant-garde and quirky designs over the past year at Loewe but this time, he successfully merged the best of both worlds. 

The fall/winter 2022 collection is a masterclass on surrealist fashion that uses the trompe l’oeil technique to trick the eyes and the brain – balloon heels, 3D printed car dresses, lacquered lips bustiers and more. Watching the runway felt like a trip down the rabbit hole of wackiness.