Wearing a face mask while out and about in Singapore is not going away anytime soon. Or at least until a vaccine is developed and made available worldwide. 

One of the many drawbacks of wearing a face mask in our climate is that it can make breathing difficult. And with the humidity, many of us are experiencing acne in the areas covered by our face masks. Mask acne—or maskne—happens when your nose, cheeks and chin constantly rub against the mask, causing irritation to the your skin which results in acne flare ups. The enclosed area is also a hotbed for P.acnes bacteria, the pimple-causing bacteria to thrive.

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So what you need is a face mask that not only sits well on your face, but also allows for easy breathing. Uniqlo’s AIRism face masks promise to do just that.

These face masks practically flew off the shelves when they were first launched in Japan in June this year because of how comfortable they are.

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AIRism Mask
Photo: Uniqlo

Enhanced performance

The AIRism mask employs a triple-layer structure. The centre of the mask has a filter that delivers a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99 percent, effectively blocking out bacteria and pollen. An AIRism mesh fabric is sandwiched between the filter and the outermost layer of fabric. The best part? This face mask also has UV Cut UPF50+. 

Machine washable

For those who are conscious of contributing to environmental pollution, you’d be glad to know that the AIRism face mask can be machine-washed. In fact, a testing institution proved that “the filter inside the triple-layer structure retains its efficacy.”

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AIRism Mask
Photo: Uniqlo

Comfortable & stylish

Needless to say, the retail giant made sure that the masks feel as good as they look. Unlike non-woven and cotton masks, the inner layer of the AIRism mask doesn’t feel stiff nor thick, which reduces the stress it places on your face. Many reviewers have also said that the masks feel so comfortable even when worn for more than a couple of hours.

There are three sizes available:

Size S (18cm x 12cm), which should fit young children comfortably.
Size M (22cm x 14cm) for small adult faces.
Size L (23cm x 14.5cm) for regular adult dimensions.

Each pack contains three masks of the same colour — either black or white — and retails at $14.90. There is a daily purchase limit of one pack of AIRism Mask for every size and colour for each person.