10 Unique Hoop Earrings To Satisfy Your Earring Obsession

Obsessed with hoop earrings? Here are 10 pieces we guarantee you haven’t seen the likes of before. By Sean Tham

Did you know that the hoop earring has been around since 2,500 BC? Many cultures — from Sumerian to Egyptian and Chinese — have valued the hoop, and its cultural associations (Assyrian kings wore them, as do Los Angeles cholitas today) have changed over time. Heck, the hoop earring was even at the center of a heated debate in 2017, which raised the question of whether the hoop “belongs” to any particular ethnic group, proving how deeply the hoop is ingrained in human society.

This year, the hoop is again riding high. For the Fall/Winter 2018 season, brands like Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and Isabel Marant sent models down the runways with big, bold statement jewellery. Huge chokers and bracelets were draped around necks and arms, and ears dripped with big, bold chandeliers, clip-ons, and of course — hoops. This time, no arguments are breaking out. Rather, it is a celebration of the fact that when it comes to making a statement, the hoop is simply a shape that cannot be ignored.

Whatever your style — or culture — we wanted to present the more unusual hoops you could go for. Here are 10 styles that pack a serious punch, and will satiate your earring obsession.

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