Watch Kenzo’s Original Short Film Here

A burger joint, a nun, and an extremely amorous young couple.

Here Now

Here Now

What’s better than a runway show, music video and promotional campaign? A fashion movie. Kenzo could not have thought up of a better way to showcase their fall/winter 2015 collection by releasing a short film, titled “Here Now”. Directed by indie director Gregg Araki, Here Now is a movie about overwrought teenage rebellion and angst and rampant sexuality right smack in a burger joint. Starring  young actors like Glee’s Jacob Artist, Suburgatory star Jane Levy, Grace Victoria Cox, Jake Weary, and Canadian actor/singer Avan Jogia, they model on the clothes perfectly, turning every movement into a fashion dream. Just like Kenzo, Here Now matches every bit of the label—trippy, psychedelic, and flamboyant. Check out the movie below:

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