Tiffany Hsu Clubbing Outfit

Get ready to dance the night away, for nightlife is coming back! After two painful years, clubs will be allowed to fully reopen from April 19, with safe distancing measures in place. Whether you’re heading out for well-deserved drinks or tearing up the dance floor, it’s time to dress up again.

No matter your destination, your club-going attire should represent you at your freest state so you can truly let loose and have fun. While you don’t want to be underdressed and appear sloppy, you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard either.

To make club-appropriate dressing a little easier—especially for those who need a refresher—we nail down key separates and how you can hit the sweet spot between comfort and style for your upcoming night out.

The Easy One-Piece

One-pieces are effortless, versatile, and can be easily dressed up or down. A slim-fitting bodysuit is perfect paired with trousers or a mini skirt; jumpsuits can be as casual or sophisticated as you want them to be; embellished mini dresses and figure-hugging numbers are sure to turn heads.

For men, jumpsuits, boilersuits or overalls are reliable options for an instant hit of effortless cool. They are also are comfortable and incredibly flattering, thanks to their built-in belts. Style yours with chunky boots, loafers or sneakers and cool accessories.

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The Button-Up Shirt

A button-up shirt (long or short-sleeved) is always a good call. This timeless option will ensure you’re dressed appropriately for most venues. Plus, you can always add visual interest with colours and patterns if you want to switch things up. For ladies, consider a statement shirt with interesting details or layer a sheer piece over a bralette to spice up your outfit.

For men, go with a lightweight shirt with prints (so it doesn’t look too business-like) or even denim for a more casual setting.

Comfy Trousers

Ladies, if you’re looking to dance all night, keep it comfy with a pair of high-waisted palazzo pants or jeans and your favourite top. Make a statement with something sequinned, sparkly, or shiny, or keep it cool and casual with cargo pants.

Men can build a smart-casual look with jeans, chinos or trousers in various fits, colours and patterns.

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Dancin’ Shoes

You’ll want to wear shoes that will not only elevate your look, but are also comfortable enough to dance in. There’s nothing worse than having to remove painful shoes and standing (worse, walking) on a sticky club floor. If you can’t handle stiletto heels for the entire night, go with chunky platforms, boots or sneakers.

Oxfords, brogues, loafers, boots and cool sneakers are sleek options for men.

Minimal Accessories

Accessories are an easy way to make a statement, but you won’t want them to get in the way at the clubs. Go hands-free with crossbody or belt bags that will keep your essentials right where you need them, so you’re always ready to dance or chat with a drink in hand. Earrings, necklaces and rings are an easy way to complete any outfit and hair accessories will keep your hair off your face while dancing, but keep them minimal.

For men, select a stylish belt, a watch and minimal jewellery. If you need to carry a bag, hands-free styles are your go-tos.

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