11 most popular baby names
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When searching for just the right name, parents often look everywhere from pop culture to their family tree. And as more moms and dads try to find unusual monikers, we’ve (unscientifically) tracked down some that we think will be — or should — become more popular.


While biblical names have literally been around for millennia — we’re looking at you: Mary, John, Luke, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mark, Matthew, Noah, and David — some of the less prevalent ones are making a comeback. Other chart-climbers: Malachi, Josiah, Ephriam, Delilah, and, yes, Judith.


Well, you knew this one was coming. It was the 10th most popular girl’s name in 2014, and with Princess Charlotte’s royal debut in June, we predict it’s not going anywhere. (Not to be left out, George is also back in the top 200.)


Literary names aren’t going anywhere either. And though Harper (and Atticus, Lee’s protagonist) have been solidly in the mainstream, other writers are getting their due, too: Louisa, Lucy, Willa, Emerson, Fitzgerald, Hugo, Marlowe, Beckett, and Langston. Perhaps it’s Ms. Stein’s turn now — stranger things have happened.


Mythological names have been hanging on for millennia, too. And if Athena, Ajax, Apollo, Griffin, Rhiannon, Pax, Thor, and Loki can also have a resurgence, why not Eurydice?


Tired of Sophie and Madeline but love a francophile name? This one is even gender-neutral. Another one to try: Scandal actress Bellamy Young has made her French moniker more popular. And for a boy, Cabot, Henri, Luc, Olivier, and Bale are all solid picks.


Grandparents make ideal namesakes — it’s a great way to honour a family member, and they’re not usually in the house, which limits confusion. So get ready for the Gen Z Baby Boomers: 1960’s Karen, Linda, Cynthia, and Susan may become the names of the future, too. (For boys, that means Mark, Gary, Glenn, Alan, and Douglas could make a comeback.)


If the 1960s aren’t far enough back when hunting for inspiration, we predict that the trend of very old-fashioned names will also continue. Some of our other favourites: Fannie, Edith, Billie, Adelaide, Henry, Florence, Hazel, Evelyn, Imogene, Beryl, Otis, Randall, and Walter. You’re welcome.


This Star Wars moniker has been slowly but surely climbing the charts since the 1980s. Now, it’s at 509. And with the latest film installment coming in December, we can only guess that everyone’s favourite sassy intergalactic heroine — now older and wiser — will be making a comeback. And hey, maybe Han will hit the list, too.


Last year, a Bachelor contestant took some heat for having a son named Kale, but she’s not alone: Culinary names are gaining traction. Some classics, like Rosemary and Holly, are making a comeback. Others, like Sage and Maple, are hitting their stride — and we bet they’ll only get hotter.


We mean it. Popularized by the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, this favourite is in the top 300 for boys. But it’s not the only Hispanic name increasingly picked, even by non-Hispanic parents: Diego, Noa, Sofia (duh), Luna, Valentina, Javier, Cruz, and, of course, Isabella.

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