best enrichment classes

BABY (0-18 months)

From 0 to 18 months, your baby is ticking off milestones at a phenomenal rate. They are looking for constant stimulation.


SJ Swimmers at Tanderra

The picturesque swimming pool at Tanderra creates the perfect relaxed environment for your child to experience his or her first waterbaby moment. The coaches here show parents how they can make their child familiar and happy with water, from the age of four months itself. Look for coach Dana Bradley who puts both the parents and children at ease.



The picturesque swimming pool at Tanderra creates the perfect relaxed environment for your child to experience his or her first waterbaby moment. The coaches here show parents how they can make their child familiar and happy with water, from the age of four months itself. Look for coach Dana Bradley who puts both the parents and children at ease. Tanderra in Dempsey may not have been open long, but it has already become a fast-favourite with mums in Singapore. This nursery-cum-café-cum-nature park is loved for its lush grounds and cosy environment. Children from six months upwards can have fun at the Play Atelier; there is also a swimming pool and huge sandpit to explore. Small wonder then that children
are ridiculously happy here.


Growing Up Gifted

This nursery class is a must-do for parents who want their tots to master a second language as it’s run by one English-speaking and one Mandarin-speaking teacher. Children will be introduced to Mandarin via traditional stories and they will also learn elementary phonics and get to take part in fun activities such as popcorn-making and playing with bongos.


Musical Monkeys

This innovative music education class for children has rave reviews from parents. As well as being high energy and informative, it has the “Instrument of the Week” session, where your bubs will have fun experimenting with different sounds and musical instruments from all over the world.



Tots from the age of 6 months until 18 months will be able to start their journey of learning in a safe, caring environment at Julia Gabriel Centre. From storytime to food appreciation sessions, this early learning class provides the perfect educational kick-start. And as one busy mum said: “It’s the time when my daughter and I bond too.”


Heguru @ Fusionopolis

Mums have been equivocal in their praise for this right-brain training class from Japan. During the 50-minute sessions, babies will take part in up to 60 different activities, so they get used to absorbing a lot of information at once. They also use flash cards to help exercise the children’s memories.


Brighton Montessori Pre-Nursery

The school’s End of Year show helped push this to the top of the list for most parents. Not only do children learn about teamwork as they focus on a project together, but parents said that they could also see their children’s confidence growing.

best enrichment classes

TODDLER (18 months – 3 years old)

Your tot won’t want to sit down. If they’re not engaged in pretend play, they will be practising walking and running skills.



Aquaducks’ pre-school programme continues to win it legions of fans. The school is actively involved, from ridding your child of his or her fear of water, to teaching them how to swim longer distances and preparing them for the more advanced breaststroke. “Swimming is made fun. Swim proficiency and safety are top priorities here, not winning medals at competitions,” said a happy Singapore mum.


Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

This school creates a fun environment for children to learn Mandarin at an important stage in their development. Not only are they encouraged to learn Mandarin through language and maths lessons, but they learn to express themselves through music, speech and drama, and arts and craft lessons, too.


Coach Leo

Pint-sized football addicts are big fans of Coach Leo’s soccer school. The Swiss Football Association-certified coach encourages tots from the age of two to practise their agility and balance with the help of various innovative exercises that help build their focus as well as their confidence. It’s non-stop fun and everyone gets a high five at the end of their workout. “He’s great with children; my son loves the school!” said one mum.


Julia Gabriel

This is the second year that the Julia Gabriel’s team has made it to mothers’ “favourites” list for their kids. One mum attributes Julia Gabriel Forum’s winning form to the way it exposes kids to many genres and encourages them use their imagination. Its book room has good reviews too.


Jazz Cats

Future prima ballerinas need to visit Jazz Cats on River Valley Road. There is Mummy and Baby Ballet for little ones who are too young to attend classes on their own, as well as Tinies Ballet for tots who are a bit more independent. “The owner Melissa Frez is amazing with kids—she is a mum too,” said one BAZAAR reader.


The Learning Lab

This school has been lauded by mums for its learning materials as well as the extensive scope for general knowledge and vocals. No wonder children who work their way up through this innovative school are said to hotfoot it onto Yale, Harvard and other such revered colleges.


Da Little School Holiday Camps

Spy smiles a mile wide when you take your tots to Da Little School Holiday Camps. The school scores highly with mums not only for its creative courses and fun projects, but for the teachers’ dedication and enthusiasm.

best enrichment classes

JUNIOR (3-8 years old)

From three years of age your child will be building, drawing and increasing their motor skills.


Ultimate Squasher

“Squash is our passion,” states Ultimate Squasher, and who would disagree? The Kallang-based centre that draws kids from all over Singapore has worked hard to create a vibrant squash community on our shores. “They are really great at encouraging kids to take part in competitions. And they take children from four years old as long as they are able to hit a ball,” said one mum.


Hua Language Centre

If you’re worried that your child might slack off in their language lessons, rest assured that they can’t at the Hua Language Centre as the teacher only speaks in Mandarin; encouraging the children to do the same when in class. The school has also been known to take the children to the Botanic Gardens and Bird Park to give them extra inspiration, so it is fun as well. A Singapore mum said: “My son went on his own, now four of his friends are going with him.”


Math Vision

When you’re juggling enrichment classes, it’s good to know that you’ve got Math Vision in your corner. Not only does it win high praise from mums for being one-to-one and having timing that is flexible, but the tuition centre knows the syllabus of each school.


Tanglin Rugby Club

The Tanglin Rugby Club recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Their sessions, which are designed for tots five years upwards, help boost their hand-eye coordination, while teaching kids about teamwork. The club is also said to become a real “family affair on weekends,” thanks to the fact that parents volunteer as coaches.


Tech Savvy Computer Coding Camp

Tech savvy kids will love the computer coding camp at Camp Asia. In this class, aimed at children aged six to eight, they will learn how to create their own computer games using a design package created for kids. So if you want to raise a mini Steve Jobs, sign them up now.


Aureus Academy

Who needs the X-Factor when there is the Aureus Academy. Children from the age of six upwards are taught about the three essentials of singing: proper posture and breathing, phonation and fine articulation. And to boost their confidence further, children get to perform in front of each other.



The trainer of trainers is sure to be popular with mums. Not only do they know that their children are getting first rate tuition, it’s in a safe environment. The YMCA runs small classes so that the children won’t feel intimidated as they build their water awareness. And when they do get a little older, they can even put their skills to the test and take part in swim meets.


Art Jamming

Get ready to fill your kitchen walls with numerous masterpieces following a trip to Arteastiq. Every weekend, the studio holds classes for art addicts—young and old. Painters from the age of five upwards can have fun putting paint to paper. Afterwards, they can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with mum in the café.


iCan Animator Junior

Kids from the age of eight can now learn how to create their own mini movies with Flint Education. Through the two-hour long sessions, watch your child progress from writing a storyboard to creating their own short animation clip on an iPad, by lesson three. “My son loves 3D animation. This course is a dream come true for him,” said one pleased mum.


Bubbles Gymnastics

From balance beams, to floor work, to trampolines, this gym has everything your little one needs to test his or her strength and agility. If they love what they do, they can build up to competitions too. And with this activity, rain will never stop play.


Centre Stage School of the Arts

Run by two Australian actors, this school was inspired by drama clubs that are commonplace in Australia and the UK. Taking in tots from three and a half years of age, the Creative Drama class helps them practise clear speech and develop good listening skills.


Yamaha Junior Course

With sessions on keyboards, harmony, singing and music appreciation, this class ticks all the boxes.
It’s an oldie, but still a goodie says one mum: “Yamaha music appreciation classes are great. I went when I was five, now my children are going.”


Kidz Amaze Indoor Playground

When school’s out, fun’s definitely in at Kidz Amaze Indoor Playground at SAFRA. Mums in Singapore love the fact that their tots can have fun letting off steam. But guess what—they’re learning at the same time.


Hyun Taekwondo Academy

This martial arts school at Goldhill Centre teaches martial arts moves through fun and games. “Our son is addicted to the classes. It’s a great way to burn off some energy,” said one mum.


JSSL Arsenal Soccer School

Kids learn to Play The Arsenal Way at the JSSL Arsenal Soccer School. So it’s not just about the skills on the pitch, it’s about fair play and a positive attitude. “My son has been going there for years and loves it,” said one proud mum.


Little Robots

With Tiger mum Amy Chua helping to launch The Keys Academy it’s no surprise that this young school has already caught everyone’s eye. Kids learn how to make simple circuits and mini robots over this eight-week course.

By Claire Turrell