BAZAAR Junior Most Loved Baby Care 2017: Best Stroller

Take the term “on-the-go” to the next level with Bugaboo’s Bee5, the perfect stroller for urban explorers


Bee5, $1,149, Bugaboo

Take the term “on-the-go” to the next level with Bugaboo’s Bee5, the perfect stroller for urban explorers. The upgraded suspension makes navigating busy streets a breeze, so you can manoeuvre through crowds without breaking a sweat. What’s more, the stroller folds up in a flash and is perfect for hopping in and out of taxis. The ultimate lightweight stroller, the Bee5 comes with everything you love about your stroller and more—the four-wheel suspension means a smoother ride and more manoeuverability, an adjustable backrest and seat makes it more comfortable when your baby grows, and the chassis has built-in attachments so you can add on accessories. The new Bee5 is also completely customisable. Can you imagine almost 800 looks for one stroller?


Cameleon3 Atelier, $2,099, Bugaboo

If you have a stylish wardrobe and you want a slick stroller to match, choose the newly launched Atelier Collection, which is a limited edition design for the Cameleon3. With stone mélange fabric and black faux leather details, it’s sure to be a fashion-favourite with design addicts.


Buffalo Classic, $2,179, Bugaboo

This all-terrain stroller is designed with adventurous families in mind. Whether you’re blazing a trail through the urban jungle or the vast countryside, this robust, spacious stroller will help provide the smoothest ride for bub.


Donkey2, $2,149, Bugaboo

Taking two kids out for a stroll can be hard. Bugaboo Donkey2 is a stroller that is designed specifically to grow with your family, and can be converted from a mono to a duo/twin stroller with ease. This means you can use it for one kid, two kids of different ages, or twins.


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