bazaar junior sleep awards 2016
Photo: Christopher Sturman


1. Best Balm

Mummy & Baby Balm, $29, Mummyfique

A multi-purpose balm for dry skin, chaps or scratches. It’s a great moisturiser too.

2. Best Sleep Projector

Twilight Turtle, $69.90, Cloud b at Wonder Toys

Keep those bedroom monsters at bay with Twilight Turtle, which projects little stars on to the ceiling and plays lullabies.

bazaar junior sleep awards 2016

3. Best Musical Pull

Rabbit Richie Musical, $38.90, Happy Horse at Babylicious

Its innovative design is simple yet safe for tots: Just pull the bunny’s furry tale and listen to notes from “Over The Rainbow.”

4. Best Night-Time Pacifier

Baby Pacifier, $12.90, Hevea at Global Outsource

This PVC- and BPA-free buy is made from 100 percent natural rubber latex. It’s soft and gentle on baby’s face and features the most stylish ventilation holes.

5. Best Teddy

Bear Buster, $31.90, Happy Horse at Babylicious

Soft and cuddly, this teddy is sure to become a fast-favourite with your tot. It’s a good thing it’s machine-washable too.

bazaar junior sleep awards 2016

6. Best Bedtime Buddy

Rabbit Richie Tuttle, $21.90, Happy Horse at Babylicious

Its soft fabric makes it the perfect bedtime buddy—or like one mini judge said, a pal to join her on her trip to school.

bazaar junior sleep awards 2016

7. Best Cot Toy

Rabbit Richie Rattle, $20.90, Happy Horse at Babylicious

This cute soft toy is the perfect cuddle partner for babies 12 months and under.

8. Best Shower Gel

Natural Kids Shampoo & Body Wash, from $9.90, Human Nature

This two-in-one product is rich in amino acids and vitamins to nourish and moisturise your child’s hair and skin. It’s free from harmful chemicals and infused with coconut oil, avocado oil, and aloe.

9. Best Toothbrush

Learn To Brush Set, $15.90, Mam

This set comprises an extra-long handle that mum and baby can hold, and a shorter one that the tot can hold when he or she has mastered the technique

bazaar junior sleep awards 2016

10. Best Toothpaste

Tooth Fairy Toothpaste, $8, Biconi

Designed for newborns up to six years old, this gentle, fluoride-free toothpaste will get those new teeth gleaming.

bazaar junior sleep awards 2016

11. Best Massage Oil

Baby Massage Oil Organic Lavender & Rosehip, $17.90, Jo Lauren

This Singapore brand’s skin products are not just great smelling, they are gentle for babies, too. This oil is a perfect partner for a massage that will help lull baby off to sleep.

12. Best Beansprout Pillow

Chou Chou Beansprout Husk Pillow, $26.90, Chubby Chubby

This traditional security blanket will help bub relax—use it before your tot falls asleep.