bazaar junior sleep awards 2016
Photo: Christopher Sturman


1. Best Cot Top Changer

Universal Cot Top Changer, $89, Mothercare

This good size changer is not only sturdy, but also comes with a hygienic wipe-clean surface. A great space-saver.

2. Best Bedroom Cushions

Cushions, from $35 each, Numero 74 at Cuckoo

In cute shapes and of a cuddly soft fabric, these make pretty additions to any nursery.

bazaar junior sleep awards 2016

3. Best Sleep Trainer

Gentle Giraffe, $69.90, Cloud b at Wonder Toys

Let your child be lulled to sleep with the help of Gentle Giraffe’s eight soothing sounds. Its velcro tab easily attaches to the crib, so baby can cuddle up with it.

4. Best Lampshade

Batman shade, $120,

When your superhero tot switches on the light, the Bat-Signal will shine out from behind the black lampshade. Suitable for Gotham and Singapore.

5. Best Bedroom Clock

Gro-clock, $87.50, The Gro Company at Bloom & Grow

You will never have to answer the question “Is it time to get up?” again. This clock does the work for you. When it’s night-time, the clock face features a blue moon, and when it’s breakfast time, a bright sun will light up the clock face. Simple, but effective.

bazaar junior sleep awards 2016

6. Best Bedroom Print

Personalised Princess Print, $150 plus framing,

Capture those special moments in time with a personalised print that shows your child’s birthday, place of birth, height and weight.

7. Best Bedroom Tent

Canopy, $190, Numero 74 at Cuckoo

Your little princess is sure to fall in love with this canopy that hangs above the bed. You will also be pleased to know that it will help keep her cool as well.

8. Best Décor Kit

Magnetic Wall Sticker, $95.90, Groovy Magnets at Deer Industries

This giant self-adhesive magnet sticker is a great alternative to a regular pinboard. Just pop it onto the wall so that your little one can add all of his or her photographs, paintings and prized possessions with the help of a magnet.

bazaar junior sleep awards 2016

9. Best Play Mat

Playspot Floor Tiles, $139, Skip Hop at Bloom & Grow

These colourful foam tiles will brighten up any nursery. The judges loved the fact that they are sturdy and easy to store. And if you have a large area that you want to cover, you have the option to add some more.

bazaar junior sleep awards 2016