Photo: Cruz Beckham/YouTube
Photo: Cruz Beckham/YouTube

Update, 12/19: Over the weekend, Cruz Beckham unveiled the music video for his Christmas charity single, featuring cameos from his siblings, Brooklyn, Romeo and Harper.

Photo: Cruz Beckham/YouTube
Photo: Cruz Beckham/YouTube

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Photo: Cruz Beckham/YouTube
Photo: Cruz Beckham/YouTube

The video sees the 11-year-old frolic amid a vat of glitter, before having throwing leaves around with his family. At one point, they are skateboard in the rain, next to a lit up Big Ben. Harper wears a star print Burberry jumper, worth $266, obviously.

The clip also reveals that all proceeds from the song will benefit Global’s Make Some Noise charity. Watch Cruz’s first music video below.

Update, 12/8: Capital FM released a video of Cruz’s interview, in which he performs an a cappella rendition of his single. He also very sweetly reveals what makes him cross (“When my parents make me do my homework”), which of his parents is most likely to say a naughty word, and which member of his family is most likely to tell a terrible joke.

Original post, 12/7: Cruz Beckham has released his first song, ‘If Every Day Was Christmas’, with all proceeds going to Global’s charity Make Some Noise.

Speculation arose yesterday after the youngest Beckham boy joined Instagram and posted a series of videos, showcasing his voice.

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“It’s two of my favourite things – singing and Christmas,” said Beckham on Capital FMthis morning. “It’s been amazing to put together and the money’s going to charity.”

Victoria Beckham has firmly put her singing career behind her, but it looks as if the family have a new pop star in their midst. The song is reminiscent of very early Bieber – jingly, sugary and high-pitched – which comes as little surprise, as Cruz was recently signed by Scooter Braun, the manager of Bieber and Usher, among others.

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The 11-year-old also shed some light on what the Beckhams get up to on Christmas Day.

“We always wake up at 6am. We go downstairs and my dad says, ‘wait, let me check if there’s presents under the tree,'” said Cruz. “Then he’ll come back and say, ‘Oh no, there’s none there – we’ll have to go back to bed.'”

Cruz was joined on the FaceTime interview by his dad, who said: “I’m really proud, he’s having fun and enjoying it.”

Bieber, watch your back. To listen to the track, visit iTunes, Apple Music or listen below.

And this was his adorable reaction the first time he heard it on the radio:

For more music by Cruz, listen to his adorable cover of Bieber’s ‘Home to Mama’ here:

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