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Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
$4.98, ages 2 to 6

THEY’LL LOVE IT Sam-I-Am takes them on a fun journey as he tries to persuade his friend to try green eggs and ham. But this time your child can enjoy a personalised version of the story, so if mummy wants to change it to green eggs and fish balls, she can.
YOU’LL LOVE IT Highlighted words will encourage literary skills and they will learn new vocabulary with tappable words and pictures.


Marble Math Lite: Multiplication
ages 6 and up

THEY’LL LOVE IT A host of fun prizes are up for grabs after your child works his or her way through colourful math-inspired puzzles. Children will enjoy avoiding bunches of bananas in a maze as they attempt to gather all the numbers they need to solve their puzzles.
YOU’LL LOVE IT If they are struggling with one of their times tables, you can customise the gameplay so they can practise it while they play.


WWF Together,
Free, ages 7 and up

THEY’LL LOVE IT Little animal addicts will be thrilled to play with this app that tells them more about their favourite animals. Not only do they get to see jaw-dropping images of elephants, whales, rhinos, giant pandas, and turtles, they get to play with on-screen origami animals and chop bamboo for pandas. All this while learning some fun facts about animals too.
YOU’LL LOVE IT Your child will not only learn about animals and saving the environment, but the 3D globe will help them with geography too.


$2.58, ages 3 to 5

THEY’LL LOVE IT Tiny tots are sure to love
this game that takes them on a tour of an
animal-filled farm. They win a prize at each game, which can then be used in the fun doggy dress-up area. What’s more, their friends can
also log in and join the fun too.
YOU’LL LOVE IT Children learn
about shapes and colours, while testing their puzzle solving abilities.


Free, ages 6 to 10

THEY’LL LOVE IT The traditional hangman has been given a cute facelift. Instead of having an ominous looking stick man hanging from a noose, this hangman is a cuddly gorilla or kangaroo dangling from some balloons. Your child will have fun guessing the right word before all the balloons pop.
YOU’LL LOVE IT If you want your child to be a whizz at a Spelling Bee, this is the app for them. This cute game is also perfect for mums who were never comfortable drawing the hangman’s noose.