summer enrichment camps
Apple Camp. Photo: Courtesy of Apple

Cultural immersion

Research shows that kids who participate regularly in the arts tend to also show greater academic achievements. Expose your young ones to the arts this holiday to amp up their creativity and confidence, improve their motor skills and even boost their academic performance.

Apple Camp
Till 14 July
Immerse your child in the world of technology through Apple’s three-day camp programmes where they will learn a myriad of fun activities such as coding games, programming robots, composing music and making their own films in the Apple Store. Alternatively, sign them up for the new weekly Kids Hour as part of their Today at Apple sessions to engage children.

First Code Academy
Till 11 August
Learn the art of coding through creative holiday programmes that empower students and stretch their imaginations. From a course that teaches kids to create their own apps, to sessions that introduce programming and three-dimensional imaging for designing a Minecraft mod of your own, these programmes provide kids with analytical and problem-solving skills that are useful for daily life.

Camp Asia
Till 2 August
The leading holiday camp provider in Singapore has a bumper lineup of 15 camps for three- to 16-year-olds. Held at Stamford American International School, the programmes include interests like soccer, cooking, technology, drama, mathematics and more. The Passion for Art camp, for one, sees junior create a work using various techniques like painting, printing, recycling and ceramics. Furthermore, their knowledge about art is expanded through introductions to art history and appreciation.

summer enrichment camps

Get active

It’s play time for restless kids! Enroll junior in an action-packed sports programme to burn off all that excess energy and amp up their motor skills and sense of coordination.

Intrepid Kids Gym
Till 18 August
The Intrepid Kids’ Kids Boot Camp for three- to nine-year-olds is two hours of high-energy fun in a fitness setting. Instead of hardcore drills, kids will navigate obstacle courses, play fitness games, engage in bodyweight exercises, and try out exciting circuits. The programme focuses on educational enrichment, while encouraging kids to pick up essential everyday and sporting skills. In addition, they will learn about healthy eating and nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Till 11 August
Young swimmers will get to learn the basics of swimming or perfect their stroke at holiday camps for kids aged four to 14. The morning camps are filled with professional swimming lessons, conducted in Aquaducks’ signature fun and engaging style. Kids will also engage in some free play, and snacks and lunch will be provided.

summer enrichment camps

Enrich the mind

It might be the holidays, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t get a brain boost that combines fun with academic enrichment. These courses will help junior up their performance at school, while having loads of fun at the same time.

Little Mandarins
Till 4 August
Picking up Mandarin will be so much fun at Little Mandarins’ weekly half-day themed holiday camps. Filled with interactive activities, students aged four to nine can embark on a rainforest adventure or even a virtual tour of China. Along the way, they will gain an appreciation for the language through a hands-on environment, story-telling, speech and drama, songs, games, arts and crafts, brush painting and writing.

Whizz Kidz
Till 4 August
Learning takes place beyond the classroom and in the real world at the five-day Crazy Science camp by Whizz Kidz. Students are immersed into an imaginary world to role-play as evil minions of a mad scientist or idealistic creators in an ancient era — all while picking up concepts of science, technology, three-dimensional printing, Lego robotics and film-making.