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“Mom, are we almost there yet?” asks your 5-year-old child (for the tenth time) 15 minutes into your trip.

Whether you’re on a long journey to god-knows-where or waiting for a flight, sleep isn’t an option when you have young ones to entertain. If you’re tired of playing a few rounds of ‘I-spy’ or listening to your child beg to play games on your i-Pad, here are 7 travel-friendly kids’ activity books to keep them fully engaged and occupied. From colouring activities, puzzles to brain games, these educational books are your key to unlocking your few-and-far between moments of bliss.

    1. 1. I-Spy Collection (12 Books)

    2. By i-SPY

Interactive and pocket-sized, I-spy makes for the ultimate travel activity book for your young ones to keep them happily-entertained on a long journey.  Spanning 12 different topics, from “At The Countryside” to “On The Motorway”, the books are full of things for your children to spot while they’re travelling, encouraging them to discover more about the world around them. Filled with photos and fun facts, these books will keep them busy as you catch up on your much-needed sleep.

Good for: Ages 5-8 

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  1. 2. My Big Seek-and-Find Book:  

  2. By Roger Priddy

A favourite among parents, this activity book is packed with puzzles, odd-one-outs, spot-the-differences, mazes and hidden images to keep your young ones busy. The best part? It comes with a wipe-clean pen which allows for the activities to be completed over and over-again!

  1. Good for: ages 4+ 

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3. Clever Kids Puzzle Books Collection (4 Books) 

By Gareth Moore and Chris Dickason

Parents, stay on top of the game with these books that are packed with reasoning and problem-solving questions that cover a vast number of topics from Math games, Brain games to Word Games, which you can  buy separately. Exciting and interactive, it’s never too late to hone your children’s essentials learning skills and spark their inner genius.  And besides, it’s a great way to spend time with your kids too!

Good for: Ages 7+

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4. The Adventurous Mailbox Adventure Books For Children

By Crameye Junker

The series, which contains 8 books, one per destination (e.g. Finland, Greece, Peru…), is fun and well-written series that will not only introduce your children to different countries but provide a better understanding of the respective cultures and people living in them. Loaded with exciting adventures accompanied by interesting facts about the featured destinations, this series is the perfect choice for parents looking to ignite a sense of wonder in your young ones.

Good for: Ages 8+

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5. Journey 

By Aaron Becker

Photo: Amazon

Let your kids’ imagination run wild and free with this wordless storybook that follows a little girl who uses a red crayon to draw her way into magical adventures. For kids of all ages and languages, watch in amazement as your child dreams up the impossible as they escape and venture into a world where adventure abounds.

Good for: Ages 4-8 

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6. Games On The Go 

By Lonely Planet Kids

Whether you’re stuck on plane, a car or just about anywhere, keep your kids entertained with this colorful activity set that is complete with 40 Wipe-clean cards and pens that come in a small, compact box. With a wide range of brainteaser games, word searches and drawing activities to choose from, this travel-sized friendly book is the ultimate weapon to fight boredom!

Good for: Ages 9-12

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7. Wild Things 

By Lonely Planet Kids

Ever wondered where all the mystical fairies, unicorns and dragons hid? Ever wanted to try your hand at mixing your own magic potions or learning how to fight a dragon? Wild Things is your handbook to all things magical and imaginary, teaching them essential life skills like differentiating between a goblin from a troll or spotting the dangerous monsters lurking amongst the trees. With over 100 activities and whimsical adventures for your child to explore, this book will inspire your little braves one to leap into the unknown and discover the world around them!

Good for: Ages 6-8

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