Blue Ivy Carter Recreates Her Own Gucci Fashion Campaign
Photo: Instagram

Dear Gucci, if you’re in search of a fresh, new campaign model, Blue Ivy Carter has got you covered. The adorable 4-year-old staged her own mini fashion shoot serving up serious Gucci vibes, that were shared by her Aunt Solange on Instagram.

Solange shared two new photos of Blue posing against a floral wall, in a pink Gucci-inspired look—flower collar included, of course. At just 4 years old, Blue already has the perfect sassy sunglasses pose on lock and better eyebrow game than you (can we just pause to appreciate those arches!) Solange captioned the first photo, “Gucci campaigns can’t even touch her w a pinky toe….?#proudauntie.”‘

And in case you were wondering, just like her mom Queen Bey, Blue does all her own photo edits and selections like a true boss.

Someone get this kid a fashion campaign, stat.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US