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They might be under five years old, but Prince George and Princess Charlotte already have more fashion kudos than we ever expected.

After reports earlier this year suggested two-year-old Charlotte’s influence is worth £3 billion ($3.96 billion), new research on the young royals’ buying power shows there’s no sign of the so-called “Cambridge-effect” slowing down.

When eBay looked at the site’s data to reveal what UK customers bought and sold over the last 12 months, searches for “Princess Charlotte” were found to have increased ten-fold May 2nd. This date coincided with her birthday, when photos of her wearing a yellow John Lewis cardigan were released by Kensington Palace.

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Princess charlotte
Princess Charlotte on her second birthday. Photo: Kensington Palace

The cardigan immediately sold out, but it’s not the only time Charlotte’s fashion statements have sparked a shopping frenzy this year. Her Liberty-print smock dress worn on the royal tour of Germany in July also caused a surge in people searching “Princess Charlotte dress,” with one search every hour for “Liberty dress” on the site compared to only 37 searches for the Duchess of Cambridge’s “lilac dress.”

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Prince George and Prince Charlotte on the royal tour of Germany, July 2017. Photo: Getty

However, while Charlotte has already established herself as quite the trend-setter with her impressive sell-out skills, it’s her older brother George who is said to have the greatest style influence. Nearly 1,500 “Prince George” related items are said to have sold on eBay in the last three months, compared to only 500 for “Princess Charlotte.”

A photo release on the eve of George’s fourth birthday in July sparked a 30 percent increase in searches for items relating to his name. And after he was pictured wearing a blue jumper during the Canada tour in 2016, the site experienced a 200 percent rise in searches for this item.

prince george
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Commenting on this trend, Murray Lambell, vice president of trading at the e-commerce brand said: “The royal family are hugely popular with British buyers with Her Majesty regularly attracting the attention of shoppers. But it’s the youngest generation of royals who really generate the must-have fashion items—and are driving a new generation of shopping behavior on eBay.”

The “Kate Middleton effect” is still going strong, but her children have definitely made their mark in the fashion world.

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