prince george

Prince George is one of the world’s most adorable toddlers in the world right now—there’s no disputing that. But what will he look like in the future? A team of research scientists from the University of Bradford undertook that question and have engineered an “ageing software” that will give a more accurate picture of the prince’s possible future looks.

“We take specific facial features—very simple things like nose length is quite unique for that person—so we look at nose length, the width of the nose, the distance between the eyes,” research leader Professor Hassan Ugail explained to Reuters. “These are facial features that the computer recognises as the person, so we take these roughly 30 to 40 facial features…and we map it into the machine and then we produce the age.” These facial features, combined with parental information, create the adult Prince George with up to 80 percent accuracy, according to Ugail.

Here’s what the cute royal tyke looks like now:

And this is what he’ll look like at 40:

What a heartthrob right?

And finally, this is what he’ll look like at 60:

Well, we’ve got a good 60 years to see if these predictions turn out accurately, but hey, with parents as good-looking as Prince William and Kate Middleton, we’re sure the apple won’t fall too far from the tree.

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By Pakkee