● 1/2 cup boiled rice
● 1/2 sheet nori
● 4 pieces sweetcorn
● 1 pasta stick
● 6 carrots
● 1/4 slice of cheese

■ Scoop rice onto cling wrap, twist ends to secure and mould into a ball. Cut some nori to wrap around the ball.
■ Using a straw, stamp out two cheese circles for eyes. Use pasta sticks to secure onto the ball. Use pasta sticks to secure two corn kernels for the mouth.
■ Using a seaweed punch, cut out circles and lines for the eyes. Using a tulip cutter, cut out carrots for penguin’s feet.
■ Serve with meatballs and halved apricots.


● 2 burger buns
● 1/4 sheet nori
● 1/4 slice ham
● 1/4 slice cheese
● 1/2 tsp mayonnaise

■ Slice bread in half, use top for Brown’s head, and bottom for Cony. Halve another bun and cut out Brown’s body, ears and hands from the top.
■ Cut out Cony’s body, ears and hands from bottom. Cut out a cheese oval for Brown’s face. Make Brown’s features using a nori punch and a pair of scissors.
■ Spread mayonnaise on the bun before using tweezers to place the nori. Do the same for Cony.
■ Using scissors, cut Cony’s ears from ham. Using an oval cutter, cut out ham and place on Cony’s face.
■ Serve with a bowl of fresh berries. And for a little protein add a meatball topped with an egg.


● 1 cup rice
● 1/2 sheet nori

■ Scoop rice onto cling wrap (add fillings if preferred), twist ends to secure, use your hands to mould into a rice ball.
■ Using a seaweed punch, cut out nori for the pandas’ features.
■ Using a pair of scissors, fold nori in half before you cut out pandas’ hands and legs,
■ Use a pair of tweezers to assemble the nori cut-outs on the rice ball.