Destination Dining: 4 Must-Visit Gourmet Trails In The Region

Add these insider recommendations from chic Insta-mums to your travel itinerary for a delectable escapade the whole family will enjoy

Elise with her husband, Matt, and kids, Eva and Isabel.

Elise Hu-Stiles @elisewho
Country: Seoul, Korea

Seoul-based bureau chief of American broadcaster NPR Elise Hu-Stiles is mum to two kids, Eva, four, and Isabel, two, and has a third on the way. Says Elise,“Contrary to what popular culture may have you believe, South Korea is not just home to K-pop stars and dramas. It’s a family-friendly destination that is full of cafes, where kids can be kept occupied indoors with sand pits, ball pits and ride-on toys. There’re usually attendants on standby, parents can sit around, and enjoy the co ee and food without worrying about their kids.”


Playtime at i-Play at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

“With its iconic futuristic architecture designed by the late
Zaha Hadid, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is a
surprisingly great place for kids. Not only are the exhibits constantly changing, the expansive spaces are excellent for running around, both indoors and outdoors. The plaza has
an all-wood kids cafe called i-Play, where little ones can dress up in the costumes provided and play on slides. My kids are both big fans of the play areas at DDP.”

Follow your nose to Grandma Jin Okhwa’s Original Chicken Restaurant.

“The aroma of the food prepared at Granny Jin Okhwa’s Original Chicken Restaurant is so fragrant that you can smell it when you enter the tiny alley where this restaurant is located at, even before you see it. This eatery specialises in dakhanmari, which is soup made by boiling a whole chicken with green onions, potatoes and tteokbokki (thick Korean rice noodles) in a large cauldron. This place fills up fast and always has a line, so come early and be prepared to wait!”

Elise’s daughters love the many kid-friendly facilities in Seoul’s eateries.

“Korean barbecue places are a must-visit when you’re here. Prices at Busan Galbi are a little steeper, but the service staff will help you to grill the meat over charcoal, which saves parents a lot of hassle! I love their barchan (free side dishes that accompany most Korean meals), and various cuts of meat. I recommend the chadol bagi, which is thinly cut beef brisket. After the meat is grilled, it’s usually wrapped with fresh lettuce, topped with some caramelised garlic, bean sprouts and samjang sauce.”

Linus’ Bama Style Barbecue serves up delicious comfort food.

“I’m originally from Texas, and when I’m missing good American barbecue, I go to Linus’ Bama Style Barbecue for its Alabama-style barbecue pulled pork ribs and beef brisket. They also have excellent sides! I’m a fan of their fried pickles, macaroni and cheese, and spicy ‘skinny fries,’ while the kids can never get enough of the brisket and the mashed potatoes.”

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