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From Sleeping Beauty to The Sandman, popular culture has long been fascinated by the idea of sleep. But in recent years, the scope has expanded beyond tapping into it for entertainment value. In this hyperconnected world, we are now embracing all aspects of sleep—be it via holistic ways to rest and relax, or more abstract explorations through fashion. For spring/summer 2016, designers took an even more literal approach: Think contrast piping pajamas sets and lace chemises—the perfect sartorial solution for time-strapped mothers.

One hot mama who has found herself happy to swap the glamour of Hollywood for a night snuggled up in bed is one half of our cover duo, Fann Wong. The reason for her adopting a slower way of life? Her son, Zed. Chatting with us at their first mother-and-baby photoshoot, Wong joked that her only goal at the moment is to get a good night’s sleep. Well, she only has to look to page 46 to make her dream a reality. We asked five mothers to test out and rate 50 slumber-related items. The results will ensure you, and your baby, have no problems drifting off to la-la land. We can’t say the same for the sleepovers on page 54, where your child can go to bed in a seven-storey toy store or wake up next to a dinosaur. Partying in your pyjamas… Isn’t that the stuff of dreams?

—Claire Turrell, Project Editor

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