BAZAAR And Ralph Lauren Kids Threw An Adorable Storybook Party

The kids find out who is Ralph Lauren

In celebration of the release of Ralph Lauren’s children’s book, ‘Who Is Ralph Lauren’, BAZAAR partnered with Ralph Lauren Kids to throw an exclusive event filled with wholesome, family fun. The all-American style boutique was decked out with dessert tables, covered in sweet treats such as chocolates, brownies and lollipops. Nothing like a sugar high to get the kids excited for the rest of the events BAZAAR had in store for them.

There were temporary tattoos for the children to choose from including an adorable Ralph Lauren bear among other designs. The mini activities built up to the main event that introduced the book to the kids. The kids sat down and gathered round for a story telling session that introduced Ralph Lauren as a designer as well as his journey to build his brand to the heights that it has reached today. Told in an engaging and colourful manner with lovely illustrations, the storytelling session was an interactive experience for the kids. At the end of the fun and games, not to mention a slew of photo-taking sessions, the families went home with the book so that they can read this story to their little ones any time they wish.

Scroll through the gallery above for the highlights of the event.

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