bazaar junior

The fragrance of a sunny side up sizzling in the pan always brings back fond childhood memories for me. Mum would fry me an egg and serve it with rice, drizzle on a few drops of dark soy sauce, and I would savour every last morsel on my plate. It was the simplest of dishes. But till today, I can’t hear an egg frying without thinking of my mother.

Food has a funny way of doing that. It transports us back to a particular time or place and fills us with memories that we hold close to our hearts. That is why we’ve filled these pages with a host of information that will let you build those very same fond memories with your children — just like the Huber family (they run a namesake butchery business supplying fine meats) in our cover story. We talked to the close-knit family and earn about how meal times play an anchor role in their lives.

Then, we’ve listed kid-friendly restaurants in Singapore and abroad and recipes that you’ll want to cook up with your kids. Of course, we’ve also curated the hottest and latest that fashion has to offer tiny tykes to ensure that your little darlings look their best during meals. What’s more, we’ve rounded up popular courses from across the island in a special segment of enrichment classes and fun activities to keep Junior engaged and entertained during the March school holidays.

Enjoy the issue and remember: You’re but a meal away from a lifetime of memories. Bon appetit!

—Candy Lim, Project Editor

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Photographed by Gan. Styled by Debby Kwong. (On Hayley) Cotton jumper; cotton jumper (around waist); cotton shorts, Ralph Lauren Children. Cotton socks, H&M. Leather sandals, Dolce&Gabbana Junior. (On Ashley) Cotton jumper; cotton jumper (around waist); cotton skirt, Ralph Lauren Children. Cotton socks, H&M. Rubber sandals, Pediped. Hairband; plush toys, kids’ own. Makeup: Nikki Fu using Shu Uemura. Hair: Hongling using La Biosthetique. Photography assistants: Keneth Tan, Loy Kok Wee. Fashion Intern: Shona Menon.