Kids enjoy after-school enrichment activities such as swimming at the Early Learning Village.


Designed with the learning needs of your preschooler in mind, Stamford American’s new Early Learning Village aims to ensure that each student is happy, involved and learning. Here’re the top five reasons why your child will flourish in this child-initiated, teacher-guided environment:

1) Enjoy the convenience of everything under one roof

Kids are spoilt for choice with extensive enrichment opportunities, allowing families to extend the school day in the morning, afternoon, or both. Before the school day starts, students may arrive early and join the Breakfast Club, where students will enjoy healthy eating and playgroup activities. Families can then supplement the day with sports and play such as ballet, soccer, swimming and gymnastics.

Each cluster classroom has a dedicated outdoor sandpit which is sheltered.

2) Cluster Classrooms with dedicated discovery spaces

Each beautiful classroom has its own discovery space through a pint-sized door, which allows children to extend their learning through exploratory play. These discovery spaces change depending on the age of the children, as they grow and need different forms of stimuli. At the heart of each cluster of classrooms is the “Pod,” which fosters a sense of community.

Outdoor play areas are 75 per cent sheltered from harmful UV rays for safe outdoor play.

3) Purpose-built facilities

Stamford American’s treasure trove of facilities includes six outside play areas with 75 percent UV cover to allow for outside play, come rain or shine. These zones are thoughtfully themed with “hidden” learning, such as “The Village Green” and “The Shipyard” for fantasy and water play, plus a “Discovery Cove” for bike tracks and obstacle courses.

Students are guided by committed teachers.

4) Child-initiated, teacher-guided

Stamford American’s early learning curriculum is guided by the USA Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, which starts at birth. Caring teachers carefully monitor and guide the children, while parents are regularly updated on their progress.

Parents have the option of customising their child’s school schedule.

5) Design your own school week

Flexible weekly and daily options give
parents the opportunity to design their
child’s school week to suit the family’s needs with three, four, or five-day options.

Enrolment is now open for the new Early Learning Village. For details, please call 6653 7907, or email Visit to find out more.