The Top 40 Enrichment Classes Of 2017

BAZAAR Junior rounds up the most popular courses from across the island that will keep your little ones busy during the March holidays and beyond

best enrichment classes 2017


BABY (0-18 months)

Little ones respond best to stimulation at this age. So keep them entertained with creative classes that provide a great source of stimuli and fun.

1. Hegeru infant & Toddler Class

Hegeru Method

Tapping on learning methods that optimise brain development, Hegeru Method cultivates early learning through a fun, nurturing environment, with particular focus on creative and critical thinking. Best of all, the centre’s certified senior instructors are also veteran teachers familiar with the local school syllabus —allowing them to prepare little ones (from the age of six months onwards) for school in years to come.

2. Musical Monkeys For Babies

Musical Monkeys

Develop a closer bond with your little ones as they learn simple exercises such as bouncing, wiggles and tickles through musical stimulation. This is because these movements to music trigger the release of oxytocin, the same “bonding” hormone that is produced during nursing. Another advantage of the course? You get to build your parent support network with other parents attending the programme too.

3. Mum & Baby Pilates

Inspire Mum & Baby

New mums will appreciate how this course restores core and upper body strength—which is especially important for allowing you to carry baby without hurting your back. This class also helps speed up healing and recovery from delivery, while reducing stress and the possibility of post-natal blues. Have fun exercising with your little one as baby enjoys lots of playtime, music and songs!

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4. Play & Learn


This inclusive programme helps parents understand each stage of their child’s development. With levels to cater to different ages, babies get to build strength through play with ramps, slides and climbers; cultivate communication skills; and learn to solve problems through games by uncovering patterns and sequences.

best enrichment classes 2017


5. Discover Wonder

Blue House Infant & Toddler Atelier

This course leverages on children’s natural curiosity to encourage them to examine their surroundings more closely. Encouraging them to consciously make small discoveries provides little ones with a head start in developing a deeper understanding of the world.

6. Village

Kindermusik With Love Studios

As the saying goes: It takes a village to raise a child. With its Village programme, Kindermusik takes the saying a step further. Through folksy activities such as dancing around a maypole or gentle swinging in a blanket, babies are engaged in a range of exercises that encourage movement, vocal play and instrument exploration.

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7. Baby Swimming Lessons

Smile Swimmers

Get into the pool and turn little ones into water babies with this Smile Swimmers class, designed by lead instructor Coach Kidd, and catered for infants between three to 12 months of age. Aimed at building up baby’s water confidence, the class also teaches water survival skills, body balancing and coordination, and stability in water manoeuvring and movement.

8. Tiny Tykes

My Gym

Bond with your little one through a range of activities that let mini-mes discover their physical abilities while developing their cognitive functions. Created for tots from seven to 13 months old, this hour-long class starts with gentle stretches and exercises before moving onto songs, dances and other fun active adventures.

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9. Gymtots

Bubbles Gymnastics

Families that play together, stay together. At this introductory programme designed for parents and kids between the ages of one and three, you start with “free exploration” time conducted by professional coaches, before moving on to warm-ups, song and dance, basic gymnastics skills, and running through a circuit. Hand apparatuses are also used to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

10. Gifted Babes

Growing up Gifted

Give your child a head start in learning and build her confidence through play-based phonics and fun activities designed to engage all five senses—such as popcorn-making, playing bongos to African beats and hand-painting with ice cream! The course, created for children from eight to 18 months old, also includes an introduction to Mandarin stories, songs, puppetry and more.

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