The Top 40 Enrichment Classes Of 2017

BAZAAR Junior rounds up the most popular courses from across the island that will keep your little ones busy during the March holidays and beyond

best enrichment classes 2017


JUNIOR (7-12 years old)

By now, you’d have noticed your child’s interests, strengths and areas of improvement. Build on them with these fun courses.

31. CrossFit Kids

Intrepid Kids Gym

Fancy getting your kids to work off excess energy while building a strong and healthy body? CrossFit Kids focuses on exercises using light weights that include plyometric, gymnastics, running and stretching, while developing confidence and leadership skills. Through interaction with their peers and instructors, they will also build resilience and learn how to communicate with others.

32. P1-P6 Chinese Enrichment

Hua Language Centre

With an up-to-date curriculum based on the current Ministry of Education syllabus and requirements, Hua Language Centre enhances learning by identifying the different aptitudes of the students to meet their specific needs. The specially tailored courses focus on three areas: Oral and Communication, Enrichment, and Comprehension and Creative Writing. Through the small class size, games, interactive activities, multimedia and IT learning aids, your child will be able to absorb course materials more quickly and meaningfully.

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33. Super Chef Camp

Camp Asia

Led by head chef Tim Ong, this is the chance to get your budding Jamie Olivers and Nigella Lawsons to further develop and fine-tune their culinary skills. Through daily workshops and masterclasses over five days, students will pick up fun facts about different types of food, and develop a deeper understanding of how to prepare and cook them. At the end of the camp, kids will role play by setting up their own restaurants, and serving friends and family their creations.

34. MUTB Primary English Exam Prep Program

Monsters Under The Bed

Co-created by Agnes Lam and Leroy Lam, who both have decades of experience teaching English at various primary schools around Singapore, this programme is for kids who need guided practice in answering the Paper 2 components of the English exam. All classes are taught by ex-MOE teachers, who employ narratives and non-fiction factual passages to give children more exposure and experience at tackling the paper.

best enrichment classes 2017


35. Paws B Mindfulness Program

The Open Centre

The Open Centre’s team of therapists and counsellors offer services such as Personal Growth Group Therapy, and Social and Emotional Skills programmes. By using striking visuals, film clips and activities, this six-session mindfulness course tackles topics such as brain training and growing happiness to help children feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled through improved interpersonal relationships, while teaching them to cope with stress and anxiety.

36. Children’s Classes

Grandmother’s Recipes

Imagine tucking into a Peranakan meal prepared by your very own mini-chef! Sign your little one up for cooking lessons with Rosaline Soon, author of the cookbook Grandmother’s Recipes – Tales from Two Peranakan Kitchens. The veteran cook conducts classes in groups of five to eight in her air-conditioned home kitchen. Children will have fun kneading dough for pasta, curry puffs and four-coloured onde onde, and enjoy the fruits of their labour after.

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37. Explorer Pass

Saturday Kids

Thinking of giving your little ones a headstart for a tech career? Saturday Kids offers access to a wide range of beginner level STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities. Prices are reasonable ($140 for the pass, compared to $350 for regular workshops), and the pass also allows flexible learning, while letting children explore different areas of interest from coding to design engineering.

38. Pop Stars

Centre Stage School of the Arts

If your child has been weaned on a diet of reality talent shows, this program could be the outlet to fuel his or her creativity. While it is not a technical class, this offers children opportunities for future stage experience. From learning contemporary pop and musical theatre numbers to choreographing them and singing them in class, students develop their coordination, rhythm, stagecraft, teamwork and confidence.

39. Primary Levels

Berries World

Using a multi-sensory approach to learning, Berries World offers a proprietary syllabus approved by the Ministry of Education to strengthen your child’s knowledge base and appreciation for the Chinese language. Through one-on-one oral reading practice, and the learning of listening comprehension techniques, students will be more assured in tackling academic challenges.

40. Group Technique Session/Match Training

Ultimate Squasher

Ball sports provide a fast track for children to acquire skills such as coordination, mental and physical agility, and sportsmanship. Sign up for the chance to learn from former national coaches and champions who are dedicated to promoting squash to a new generation.

By Annabelle Fernandez, Charmaine ho and Chia Sihan

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