toy awards 2015

by The Amazing Baby Company
$84.95 (Newborns upwards)

This supersoft play mat will make tummy time more fun. The two arches feature colourful detachable toys that encourage babies to reach out and improve their coordination. When your baby is ready to move, he or she can use Sponky’s head as a cuddle pillow and investigate the toy at the end of Sponky’s arms. You don’t have to worry about baby outgrowing the mat that soon, either. All you have to do is remove the arches when baby gets older.

This playmat makes the perfect nursery partner. Not only will it grow with your child, it will provide hours of interest for them as well. It also gives you the chance to theme your nursery, as the mat is part of a larger Sponky collection. Animal lovers will be excited to know that Sponky really does exist: He is the Chihuahua of The Amazing Baby Company’s owner Carrie Edwards-Britt and you can see him star in his very own cartoon series on YouTube.


Sponky Abacus, $17.95

This plush toy comes with a colourful counting frame that helps boost baby’s motor skills while giving him or her an early introduction to maths.

toy awards 2015

Sponky: The Lizard Hunter, $14

Join Sponky on his adventures with the help of this interactive book. Just lift the mini flaps to discover what Sponky spies on his journey. You’ll even get to meet his rival, Chloe the cat.

toy awards 2015

Sponky Clip Anywhere Toy, $27.95

This clever little toy will give your child hours of entertainment, thanks to its colourful squeaker, star rattle, rubber flower teether and tinkling plastic rings. And as its name suggests, it comes with a convenient clip that allows you attach it to things with ease.

toy awards 2015

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