Treats For Tots: Baby Spas Around The World
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Surely, it is not easy being North West. With celebrities Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as parents, flashbulbs constantly popping in front of her, and prying eyes on the roam to check out her latest outfit, the stress is #real. A trip to one of the new baby spas could be just what she needs. These pampering palaces are the latest trend to hit the spa industry, and mums with strollers are queuing up to give their own little superstar a blissful treatment or two. Just like the adult versions that are a cocoon of zen-tranquility and help you attain instant relaxation, baby spas are becoming a fast-favourite with mums, thanks to their ability to coddle babies and lull infants to sleep. At these pint-sized spas, babes can experience the soothing benefits of floating around in water followed by a massage. Bobbing around in the water with the help of their bespoke baby floats not only mimics the calming sensation of being in the womb, but it is also believed to have several benefits: It helps strengthen their muscles and ligaments, the heart, and lungs. It also aids in the development of motor control, agility, coordination and balance; and enhances the senses and the immune system. The infant massages that follow the “swim” session are also designed to promote sleep, relieve wind and colic, and reduce anxiety. So if you have a superstar tot who is always facing the glare of your smartphone, book them into one of the world’s best baby spas. Here are BAZAAR’s top picks from across the globe…


Baby Spa

Similar to hydrotherapy, the BabySpa system helps improve lung capacity and strengthens hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes. BabySpa offers water training, baby massage and baby haircuts. Its website also features an online store where you can shop for playpens, baby toys and other accessories. Priced from $26 for a baby massage; $49 for water training; $50 for a first haircut. Memberships available. Visit


Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness, Kuala Lumpur

The first baby spa in Malaysia, Hippopo recruits trained and certified nurses and physiotherapists to attend to the needs of your babies and toddlers. Understanding the importance of your baby’s health and well-being, Hippopo pampers them through swim and baby massage sessions. Priced from $16 for a swim; and $13 for a massage using grapeseed oil. Visit


Float Baby, Houston

The first of its kind in the States, the Float Baby programme allows infants to move their bodies any direction they like to help improve muscle tone. Not only providing relief for constipation, this promotes water familiarity, and assists in early left brain or right brain development. Combine this with its neonatal massage and watch your baby eat more and sleep better after just one session. Priced from $92 for a single group session of water flotation and gentle massage classes. Visit


Baby Spa by Laura Sevenus, London

The UK’s first baby spa is powered by an expert support sta of neonatal and paediatric nurses. It was founded by former competitive swimmer South African Laura Sevenus, who invented the Bubby, a patented flotation device that lets your baby take a dip safely in the spa’s mini pool. As well as swimming lessons, the spa o ers massage sessions to help build babies’ flexibility and strength. Priced from $120. Visit


Tiny Touch Baby Massage, Sydney

Certified infant massage instructor and paediatric massage consultant Marilyn Wilson provides baby massage courses for parents. Not only do these help create a special bond between the two, they’ll leave bub settled, calm, content, and thriving. Priced from $220 (for two sessions) for a one-on-one full baby- massage course. Visit

Hong Kong

Baby Spa Luxe

The mission at Baby Spa Luxe is to make everyone leave with a smile on their face. With four individual pools and one large pool, every child has a chance to make a splash. The team offers swimming classes to help boost the development of your baby’s heart and lungs and massage courses to stimulate your little one’s circulation system. The spa also stocks a variety of organic baby spa products so mums can also massage their babies at home. Visit


Roi & Reine, Bali

A premium salon spa for babies, mums, and kids, Roi & Reine focuses on treatments such as organic massage, baby hydrotherapy, and manicures and pedicures. Their “wellness through health” approach is aimed at your precious tot’s comfort and well-being. Contact for details. Visit


Thermes de Spa

This luxury spa in Belgium gives mummy and baby plenty of time to bond with a two-day pampering programme at its special created Mother-Baby Institute. The spa features a purpose-built lounge and crèche, plus a kitchen for when it’s snack time. Mums can take part in hypopressive workshops, while baby enjoys a bubble session in the pool. There are also massages for both mum and baby to enjoy. Priced $576 for a two-day package. Visit


Baby Spa, Bucharest

Everything at this spa was designed and built with baby in mind: From the special swimming pool, to the showers and lockers. And it’s clear that safety is a priority. Not only do the bubs receive a health check before they get into the water, mums do too. Within each 45-minute session, a skilled physiotherapist will treat your baby to a massage, gym and hydrotherapy session. Visit

South Africa

Hydro Baby, Johannesburg

This South African baby spa believes that a pool session can increase a baby’s strength and confidence, as well as help them wave goodbye to early development issues such as sleeplessness and colic. They can workout in hydrotherapy pools that are kept sterile with ozone and UV filtration systems, so mums don’t have to worry about the water irritating sensitive skin. Single session priced $35. Visit


iFloat Baby, Montreal

This chic baby spa in Canada is so popular that mums even throw birthday parties for their tots there. As well as a spa room that’s a constant balmy 27 degrees, iFloat Baby Spa also has an indoor playground and party loft. And, for a further mind, body and soul workout, there are mummy and baby yoga classes. Priced from $60 for 30 minutes of floatation therapy, 20-minute baby massage and a session in the playground. Visit

By Stephanie Sharon Koh