Twin Delight
Photo: Instagram/ @leialauren

From Full House to The Row, our love for twins is legendary. Thanks to social media, we now also have a steady flow of cute-as-a-button babies, toddlers and children calling for our attention. And why not? One look at the below Insta-feeds and you will realise why we are jumping with joy.

Leia and Lauren of @leialauren hail from our own backyard. Parents Amber Yong and Peter Lok wanted a means to record their twins’ precious growing-up years. So they put their individual talents together—he is a class photographer and she has great styling skills—and filled the Instagram feed with photographs of the cute twin babies in matching outfits. Today, with 285k followers (and counting), it has a life of its own. Barely tottering around, the darling twins have already made appearances on television networks at home and around the region and captured the fancy of magazines and blogs alike.

Michael and Daniel Flora are the crowned @2yungkings of Instagram. Before, you go spell checking the handle, you will want to know that the young twins from London coined their own handle. Apparently, they call each other “King 1” and “King 2.” That’s another feather on their cap, apart from the most obvious one, of course. These boys have style! 152k people (so far) can vouch for that

Morgan and Megan Boyd of @megan_morgan_trueblue—blue-eyed, curly haired and exotic—are surely the #truebluetwins with 165k followers. These stylistas from Philadelphia have their career path ironed out at the age of 4 (How many of us can say that for ourselves?). As to what that is… their expert poses say it all. To make things even more interesting, one of the twins was born with two different coloured eyes.

Bella and Chloe of @theroyaltwins—they couldn’t have picked a better handle—are two 4-year-olds (going on 5) who have been creating a buzz on social media. Their journey to fame started when mum Lucy Abir styled them in a Breakfast at Tiffany’s-style shot on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, to upload onto a birthday invite. Like they say, all good things offline need to be Instagrammed and regrammed… and 81.6k followers and counting, these pint-sized influencers are ones to watch out for

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nonstop talking ? #twinsCJ

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Taiwanese twins Chelsea and Jesper are not only cute as pop, they are also way up there on their social media game. Their Instagram feed is choc-a-block with stylish poses, mischievous smiles and heart-warming demonstrations of sibling love. Obviously not just us, a staggering 520k followers share our impression about @chelsea_jesper


By Sandhya Mahadevan