Victoria Beckham on being a working mother
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From dominating the charts as a Spice Girl during the 1990s to establishing herself as a hugely successful fashion designer and launching her own make-up collection – plus being half of one of the most famous couples in the world – Victoria Beckham is not one to sit back and relax.

The mother of four has always been honest about having help in bringing up her children, but in a new interview she has spoken about how grateful she is that her position allows her to take time for her family. “I am incredibly lucky that I am the boss, so I can say: “I’m coming in late because of sports day,” she told the Sunday Times Style. “Some mums can’t do that, and the key is to not beat yourself up about it.”

Beckham said that the trickiest thing was managing her time between her children and her career: “The most important thing is to make sure that each child gets the individual attention that they need.”

“I can never go to bed early because Brooklyn is always up and that’s when I get to see him, and then you’ve got Harper who is up super early. So I do feel that I’m being pulled in four different directions with the children. And then I have David and work, too.”

Despite having plenty of help, she admits that she frequently finds it hard to delegate due to her self-confessed “control freak” tendencies. 

“The truth is, it is hard,” she explains. “You feel guilty if you’re missing something with the children. If I’m away on holiday or away for the weekend, I hide in the loo or a cupboard because someone at work is emailing me and they need answers to something, and I feel I have to hide those things because I don’t want to impinge on the family.”

“I am a control freak, a workaholic, and I like to do everything myself. But the truth is, I am in a position to have help. I am incredibly lucky.”

Beckham also told of how she found inspiration from fellow parent and designer Diane von Furstenberg. When Beckham asked her if she ever felt guilty for being a working mother, Von Furstenberg responded: “I didn’t feel guilty once, not once, because I did the best I could and I was a mum. Guilt makes you look old and feel old, and it’s never going to get anyone anywhere.”

Ultimately, Beckham points out that teaching her children the importance of working hard is invaluable. 

It’s great when the kids know that both Mummy and Daddy work, and that we’re equal, and that when they come to the show, they know that Daddy is in charge because I’m going to be running around looking at the girls, checking the hair and make-up, checking the set,” she said. “All the children know that I go to work, and that is such a positive thing.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK