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As we endure blistery winter weather, it’s easy to dream about treating ourselves with some much-needed relaxation and maybe even a weekend getaway (or two). To encourage your fantasies, we’ve found some of the coolest Airbnbs on the market right now—and they’re each less than $200 per night. From Texas deserts to the valleys in England and a handful of islands in the Caribbean, we’ve found the perfect—and affordable!—listings to make your vacation visions a reality.

  1. 1. A Modern Santo Domingo Apartment

Santo Domingo Airbnb
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  1. In the capitol of the Dominican Republic sits this chic space with all the modern-day trappings you need: HD TV, wifi, hot water, and air conditioning.Price starts at: $34 per nightSpecial features: Private furnished outdoor terrace
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2. An Artistic Home In The Caribbean

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The walls of this cozy cottage on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are adorned with colorful glass bottles and conch shells.

Price starts at: $40 per night

Special features: Property located on a private garden

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3. A Martinique Island Oasis

Martinique island Airbnb
Photo: Fabrice BETTY

Complete with farmhouse doors, beamed ceilings, and a canopied bed, this breezy Martinique cottage is the perfect place to get away.

Price starts at: $55 per night

Special features: A private pool on property

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4. A Quaint San Juan Studio

San Juan Airbnb
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The charming decor in this pad provides the perfect Caribbean retreat for you and your partner.

Price starts at: $60 a night

Special feature: A relaxing hammock in a private patio

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5. A Reclusive Arizona Cabin

Arizona Airbnb
Photo: Jessica H. Flinchum

Hidden amidst acres of Candler, Arizona foliage is a tiny cabin on a gated, mountain-top property. But be prepared for truly “off-the grid” living, as cell phone service is not promised, there’s a seasonal outdoor shower that uses rainwater, and a bring-your-own-cooler policy since there’s no fridge.

Price starts at: $69 per night

Special features: A glass garage door with scenic mountain views

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6. A New Mexican Trailer With Mountain Views

New Mexico Airbnb
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Another enchanting mobile home, this bright yellow trailer located in Taos, New Mexico brings mid-century charm to a secluded escape with breathtaking sights.

Price starts at: $74 per night

Special feature: An outdoor fire pit in a fenced-in yard.

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7. A Restored 1940s Train In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

In Lock Haven, not too far from Penn State University, is this incredibly unique caboose getaway equipped with two twin beds, a quaint dinette, and the industrial details of a historical train.

Price starts at: $74 per night

Special feature: It’s placef right next to a kiosk that provides the history of the Castanea Railroad Station

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8. A Vintage Los Angeles Trailer

Vintage Los Angeles Trailer Airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

This 1954 trailer is located inside a huge downtown LA. rustic loft—a quirky private room in an expansive shared space.

Price starts at: $79 a night

Special featuresAn indoor swing and private garden

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9. A Tropical Australian Tiny Home

Australia Airbnb
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Located in the Australian suburb of Sunshine Beach is this idyllic tiny home that comes with a lofted bed, wooden detailing, and a modern bathroom, all complete with Hawaiian touches.

Price starts at: $83 per night

Special features: An attached private patio

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10. A Picturesque English Cottage

Chalford English Cottage
Photo: Iksung Nah

Nestled in the plush valley of a large English village called Chalford, this romantic hideaway’s stone work and wooden beams will remind you of a fairy tale.

Price starts at: $90 a night

Special features: Located near an idyllic stream

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11. A Remote Adobe Hut In the Texas Desert

Texas Airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

This Terlingua, Texas home offers clear views of the night sky, with a solar powered energy system and brand new kitchen that provides comfort as you enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

Price starts at: $98 per night

Special feature: 25 minutes away from Big Bend National Park

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12. A Vermont Fairy Tale

Vermont Airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

Plucked straight out of an old folk tale is this Nordic-inspired cabin in the woods, which comes complete with a small kitchenette and a tiny lofted sleeping space.

Price starts at: $125 per night

Special features: A sauna on the property

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13. A Glass House In Upstate New York

New York State Airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

This one-of-a-kind tiny home was featured in The New York Times and The Today Show for its transparent walls. But despite its small status, it’s an Airbnb of luxury with Wi-fi, AC, and a modern kitchen.

Price starts at: $149 per night

Special features: Views of the Hudson Valley

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14. A dream Silo In The Berkshires

 Massachusetts Airbnb
Photo: Airbnb

On the Santarella Estate in Western Massachusetts is this dreamy two-story “round” cottage. The upstairs bedroom has multi-paned windows with forest views that you can enjoy from the comfort of a delicately canopied bed.

Price starts at: $195 per night

Special features: Access to a pond and “babbling brook”

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This article originally appeared in Marie Claire

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