20 Photos of Sophie Turner And Maisie Williams’ Friendship Through The Years

Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait

We’ve all gotten to know and love the friendship between Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, which at this point is over a decade old. The girls have literally grown up on Game of Thrones, and every time they come together to promote the show, travel together, attend events, or just plain hang out, they give the rest of the world friend-envy. They’re pals on-set, in real life, and on social media—truly BFF goals. Williams will even be one of Turner’s maids of honor at her wedding to Joe Jonas.

Here’s the chronology of their entire epic friendship, from their first press photos all the way to their very last GoT tour. For the sake of everyone, let’s hope the two pals continue being an iconic duo well beyond the finale.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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